Team Size Limit

When team submission is toggled, admins can impose a team member limit so that teams can't go over a certain size. For best usability, please have View idea 3.0 enabled.



To enable the team size limit feature, navigate to the initiatives Site Setup > Ideas tab > Teams



When enabled, a limit will be set wherever you admins can update the submission team

  • Post Idea
  • View Idea 3, teams widget 
  • View Idea 3, submission modal 


Idea Boards

A filter can be added to Idea Boards to display if a team has reached the limit.

  • If a team has not reached the limit, it is considered "Open"
  • If a team has reached the limit, it's considered "Closed"

Filter option is located in Site Setup > Ideas tab > Idea boards "Team Formation"

Important note: 

  • The current limit is a 'soft' limit, meaning user's are warned when the limit is hit, but are not blocked, and they can go above the limit. 
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