Product Release Notes - July 26, 2023

This week's Brightidea release brings a wealth of new features and improvements to improve your innovation management experience. Enjoy HEIC file uploads, cropping area adjustments, Memo Team Site navigation enhancements, and more.


Features and improvements:

  • More functions for Brightidea Whiteboard image cropping and upload formats:
    • Cropping Area: We have adjusted the cropping area so that users can no longer move the cropping area outside the image in Whiteboard.
    • Snap to edge: we added the ability to "snap images" to the edge of the cropping area.
    • HEIC uploads: You can now upload HEIC file formats in Brightidea Whiteboard.
  • When requesting a review within Memo, the template editor will now open in a new tab instead of the same tab as the Memo Review tab in the Pipeline setup.
  • The left navigation menu in Memo's Team Site can now be resized, collapsed, expanded, or hidden by the user with an arrow button. This gives users more working room on the right pane or visibility to the navigation options, as needed.

Bug fixes:

  • "Engagement Over Time" graphs are now displaying correctly on Initiative Dashboards.
  • Fixed an issue where video links with question marks (?) would not display correctly in the Rich Text widget video player.
  • Fixed a bug where some users could not authorize the BI Slack app.
  • Fixed an issue where the "Send to Whiteboard" feature was not working as expected for a subset of users.
  • Fixed a bug in Brightidea Whiteboard where an empty text box would not be removed when another tool was selected.
  • Moderators can no longer see the Template Editor link if they cannot access the Pipeline setup.

Please refer to the Product Release Notes on the Support Portal to access the complete documentation.

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