Product Release Notes - August 2, 2023

We're excited to introduce the latest enhancements and bug fixes to Brightidea! From ensuring the smooth navigation of the Top Ideas page, streamlining reminder emails for incomplete actions, and improving ideas between initiatives and platforms, our focus remains on enabling our users to manage and drive innovation more efficiently.


What was released:

  • We corrected an issue that caused the Top Ideas page to return a 404 error for some users.
  • We have rectified an issue preventing some users from receiving reminder emails for incomplete action items when the "Recurring Reminders" checkbox was enabled. All users with action items that remain open for the configured number of days will now be sent reminder email notifications, if enabled, for a Step. These can be turned off anytime from the Step Configuration popup under the Advanced Settings section.
  • We addressed a problem that resulted in some System Admins getting logged out when attempting to access the Action Item Manager.
  • We introduced a scroll bar to the Participants list in Pipeline Setup, improving the ability to view and add participants with a high number count.
  • We resolved an issue with custom idea codes not displaying when ideas were copied between initiatives.
  • We fixed the problem with certain Dynamics for some users' URLs breaking in Rules engine emails.
  • We fixed a visual glitch where the Memo Team Site's left nav menu's "collapse" and "expand" icons overlapped with the Intercom messenger icon on free trial systems.
  • We addressed an issue where sending an idea to the whiteboard from the List View or View Idea 3 would not send the idea.

Please refer to the Product Release Notes on the Support Portal to access the complete documentation.

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