Brightidea Release Notes - March 9th 2011


Please note these changes will not take effect until 8:30PM EST March 9th, 2011.  All updates have undergone a rigorous quality control process prior to being qualified for production purposes.   Brightidea will make a good faith effort to ensure the successful migration of these updates.  However, in the event certain updates are determined to cause system disruptions Brightidea will take appropriate action to ensure system stability.  A notification will be made available should the planned updates not be migrated to production.  Thank you.


My Collaborators Widget

            Added restriction for campaign profiles to verify campaign only activity

Weekly Digest

            Fixed issue with some digests being sent on the wrong day, this is now fixed


Enterprise Setup Menu

            Fixed issues with Internet Explorer display – especially in User Management section

Enterprise Profiles

            Can now add “My Drafts” and “My Favorites” to the profile

Community Widgets

            Accommodated all widgets to be respective to the WebStorm Community

WebStorm Admin Suite

Contact Email

            Scorecards and Proposals now get sent with Contact Email set in WebStorm/Enterprise

Assign Scorecard

            Can now search using First Name, Last Name, and Evaluation Groups

Action Menu

            Fixed broken UI when Pipeline was disabled

Switchboard Admin Suite

Last Update Column

            Fixed issue with items not sorting correctly, now filters by update date, not alphabetically

Series Collection Enhancements

            Removed percentage text, added functionality to accommodate multi –round scorecarding

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