Brightidea Release Notes - April 6th 2011


Please note these changes will not take effect until 8:30PM EST April 6th, 2011.  All updates have undergone a rigorous quality control process prior to being qualified for production purposes.   Brightidea will make a good faith effort to ensure the successful migration of these updates.  However, in the event certain updates are determined to cause system disruptions Brightidea will take appropriate action to ensure system stability.  A notification will be made available should the planned updates not be migrated to production.  Thank you.


Adding New Users 

Campaign Sponsor – See Article  

  • Administrators can now change campaign sponsors in both WebStorm & Enterprise

Anonymous Submission & Email Notifications  

  • Fixed issue where users’ screen name was being shown in email triggers


  • WebStorm level blogs now respect group restriction within that WebStorm

CSS Enhancements 

  • Added ID’s for “Submit”, “Preview”, “Save Draft”, “Cancel”
  • Added class for horizontal nav for navigation across WebStorm
  • Fixed issue with Internet Explorer was not accommodating third container column
  • New class for Post idea button hover across multiple browsers
  • Fixes on ct_blog_list.bix where text was being cut off


Affiliate Name 

  • Administrators can now edit the name of their Enterprise system within Enterprise setup

Search 2.0 

  • Fixed issue with results not showing up with two pages of results
  • Small bug fixes with SOLR search

WebStorm Admin Suite

Chips Voting 

  • Fixed issue where it was not sorting correctly

Change WebStorm 


  • bi.affiliate.campaign.getOptionList - Added new API call to obtain campaign options
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