Brightidea Release Notes - April 20th 2011


Please note these changes will not take effect until 8:30PM EST April 20th, 2011.  All updates have undergone a rigorous quality control process prior to being qualified for production purposes.   Brightidea will make a good faith effort to ensure the successful migration of these updates.  However, in the event certain updates are determined to cause system disruptions Brightidea will take appropriate action to ensure system stability.  A notification will be made available should the planned updates not be migrated to production.  Thank you.


Widget Performance Enhancements

  • Updates Widget

Voting Issue

  • Fixed issue when promote icon was still showing when voting was disabled

Blog Entry

  • Fixed issue with text being stripped with “+” sign


Setup Menu in IE

  • Fixed issue in IE with Switchboard setup menu not allowing to select from dropdown


Widget Performance Enhancements

  • Enterprise Updates
  • Enterprise Mini Idea List
  • Enterprise My Ideas
  • Enterprise My Comments
  • Enterprise My Messages

Error Page Performance Enhancement

  • Will reduce a lot of timeout errors received

WebStorm Create Wizard

  • Fixed issue with creating new WebStorms and spinner not reflecting finish
  • Fixed issue with vanity URL not sticking when navigating to a new WebStorm created

WebStorm Admin Suite

Change Status Reason

Campaign Specific Statuses

  • Accommodated campaign specific statuses in new WebStorm admin


Brightidea Mobile

  • Fixed issue with Chinese characters not displaying in iPhone application - Update coming soon!
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