Brightidea Release Notes - June 15th 2011


Please note these changes will not take effect until 8:30PM EST June 15th, 2011.  All updates have undergone a rigorous quality control process prior to being qualified for production.  In the event certain updates are determined to cause system disruptions Brightidea will take appropriate action to ensure system stability.  A notification will be made available should the planned updates not be migrated to production.  Thank you.




New Features in Setup! - Updated WebStorm Admin guide with these options included is located here

New Enhancement! - Tagging Overhaul!
Group Restriction Access
  • Fixed issue with group restricted login with a specific option




New Features in Setup! - Updated Switchboard Admin guide with these options included is located here.



Post Update (Twork) Performance Enhancements

Landing Page Performance Enhancements

Idea Report

  • Fixed issue with profile information not exporting with the report
Enterprise Blog
  • Fixed issue where Enterprise blog list did not filter with group restriction
Email Templates
  • Fixed issue with spacing that was happening once template has been updated
Manage WebStorms tab
  • Fixed issue with Internet Explorer browsers not loading the WebStorm list correctly
Idea Site Plug-In
  • Better Tab Placement and modified "Cancel" button
Add Widget
  • Fixed issue with adding some widgets in Internet Explorer
Community Aware Widgets
  • The following widgets now respect community placement and will affect community statistics accordingly:
    • Enterprise Campaign List
    • Enterprise Campaign List Widget Wide
    • Enterprise Mini Idea List
    • Enterprise My Stats
    • Enterprise My Comments
    • Enterprise Mini Contributors
    • Enterprise My Ideas
    • Enterprise WS Directory
    • Enterprise Search Results




UI Improvements
Export Ideas, Proposals, & Projects!

Change Status Reason

  • Fixed issue where status was not being reflected in Updates widgets
Link to Proposal
  • Fixed issue where no results populated when trying to link to a proposal
  • Fixed issue where users could not drag ideas into collections
Sending Email Alerts
  • Fixed issue with emails not sending when assigning scorecards and/or proposals
Chips Voting
  • Fixed issue with chips column not visible in WebStorm grid



Proposal UI Enhancements

Performance Enhancements

Proposal Statuses
  • Proposals will now inherit their own statuses - See Article
Evaluator Count
  • Fixed issue with scorecard evaluator count incorrectly calculating
Commit Scorecard
  • Fixed issue with users not being able to commit scorecards with certain conditions
Assigning Scorecards
  • Fixed issue with duplicate scorecards being sent
Idea Status Change
  • Accommodated emails to be sent inheriting changes from Enterprise & WebStorm email templates
Internet Explorer Issues Fixed
  • Editing Proposals
  • Editing Team Members




Project UI Enhancements

New Feature - Project Tagging

Editing Projects

  • Fixed issue where editing project title and description caused error
Pipeline Setup Screen
  • Fixed UI issues in Internet Explorer
Profile Links
  • Fixed issue with hyperlink incorrectly navigating to ones' profile
Related Proposals Sidebar
  • Fixed issue where related proposals were being cut off





  • Get Completed Evaluations - bi.affiliate.campaign.idea.evaluationForm.getCompletedEvaluation
  • Get Activity Feed - Returns the following activities:
    • Idea submission 
    • Idea comment
    • Twork submission
    • Twork comments
    • Twork attachment
    • Twork Hi-five
    • Project
    • Blog
    • Wall poster
Get Campaign List API
  • Performance Improvements
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