Brightidea Release Notes - July 13th 2011


Please note these changes will not take effect until 8:30PM EST July 13th, 2011.  All updates have undergone a rigorous quality control process prior to being qualified for production.  In the event certain updates are determined to cause system disruptions Brightidea will take appropriate action to ensure system stability.  A notification will be made available should the planned updates not be migrated to production.  Thank you.



Hiding Idea

  • Fixed issue with IE6 browser throwing error when hiding idea
Edit Idea
  • Fixed issue with quotes in title stripping characters
  • Accommodated new Brightidea logo spinner upon editing ideas
Label Change
  • Submissions in Setup is now "Submission Form"
Support Tab
  • Newly Updated!
Clear Opinion on Idea
  • Fixed issue with points not reverting when clearing opinion
New Tag UI
  • Fixed issue with description wrapping on view ideas page
  • Fixed issue with overlapping tags on view ideas page
  • Reduced height of tag wrapper
Rich Text Widget
  • Fixed issue with text disappearing when editing


Google Chrome Capability
  • Fixed issue with message popups not going away upon action
New Profile
  • Fixed issue with IE browsers hover over profile photo reflecting inaccurate data
  • Fixed some typos! 
Enterprise Footer
  • Accommodate "+" symbol in footer which was causing issues
Email Templates
  • Accommodated new templates to reflect "update" vs. "twork"
Delete WebStorm
  • Fixed issue where WebStorm alias was not being removed when WebStorm was deleted
  • Fixed issue with HTTP setting and deleting WebStorm
  • Enterprise profile URL has been fixed to direct to correct profile
WebStorm Wizard
  • Fixed issue with hyphens being added in WebStorm alias
  • Fixed issue with group search with underscores not reflecting accurate results
Community Level Contact Email
  • Fixed issue with contact email not updating correctly
Enterprise Post Idea
  • Accommodated new Brightidea logo when submitting ideas via Enterprise!
  • CSS enhancements to accommodate bold and italic settings in WebStorm


Required Questions
  • Fixed issue where some required questions were not being answered
Google Chrome Capability
  • Fixed issue with white layout within Switchboard


  • Fixed issue with projections column not reflecting data


  • Fixed issue so that users can only fill out scorecard assignments once


Project Members
  • Fixed issue where members were showing up twice

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