Brightidea Release Notes - August 10th 2011


In the last two weeks, we’ve made good progress with new product enhancements and fixes to reported issues. Here’s what we’ve done.

Please note these changes will not take effect until August 10th, 2011, 8:30PM EST. 

As always, all listed updates have undergone a rigorous quality control process before we’ve sent them into production.  However, in case a specific update causes any disruptions, Brightidea will take fast, appropriate action to ensure system stability.  We will let you know timely, should a planned update not be migrated to production.  Thank you!



iPhone App

  • The APIs required for major enhancements to our iPhone mobile app were completed:
    • Post image in the Activity Feed
    • Comment in the Activity Feed
    • High-Five ideas in the Activity Feed
    • Update on iPhone app coming very soon!

Documentation updates

  • We have fixed an issue where documents were not updated properly in installations without SOLR server.




  • A minor issue for Internet Explorer users has been fixed: In WebStorm and Switchboard, the text in Search Users & Groups is now displayed correctly, inside the textbox.
  • In the type-ahead search function, we reordered the facets to be displayed in this order:

Updates Feed

  • In the Enterprise updates feed, each activity now displays the name of the WebStorm.



Ideas Site Plugin

  • We fixed potential security issues in the Plugin, among others by adding verification and permission checking.
  • We added the Attachments function (with our high standard security settings) back to the Plugin.
WebStorm Setup
  • When managing users in WebStorm setup, all names in search lists are now displayed sharply, instead of fuzzy until admins hover over each name.



  • The date filter for the WebStorm Dashboard 2.0 now shows the accurate date.



We are happy to report that we have made major enhancements to Switchboard, our proposal development and evaluation tool. These enhancements improve the product’s usability, effectiveness, and intuitiveness.

Among others, we have implemented the following improvements:

  • As a new beta option, we added a WebStorm column to Switchboard to make it easy to identify which Proposals are related to which WebStorm. This enhancement also allows WebStorm managers to filter proposals by WebStorm.


  • We have completed the addition of Proposal Statuses in Switchboard. Besides displaying the status of each proposal, users also have the ability to view, filter and change the status of proposals from the Proposals list view.
  • If deleted accidentally, a proposal can now be added back into an evaluation round.
  • We have completed enhancements to the Suite Proposal Summary Report. The “Ideas” column is now broken into separate, more detailed columns.
  • In proposal templates, text field names cannot be longer than 50 characters. We added an alert dialog saying "Text field names cannot be longer than 50 characters" for clarification.
  • When a new affiliate is created, the statuses for proposals are now created automatically and are now displayed correctly in the Proposals view and the drop-down list of proposal statuses.


  • The Scorecard Summary Excel Export now includes the following columns
    • Question(s)

    • Answer(s)

    • Submitter

    • Submitter Email

    • Evaluator

    • Evaluator Email

    • Evaluator Date

    • Individual Evaluator Score

    • Scorecard Template Name

      This report can be accessed via: Switchboard --> Setup tab --> reports --> Downloads --> Scorecard Summary

  • The drag and drop function to easily move proposals into an evaluation round now works consistently with dragging and dropping proposals into different states inside a round.
  • When viewing a proposal within a collection or round, a new link now allows users to go back to the Series or Round overview.
  • We made sure that only admins and proposal team members are able to participate in the proposals discussion. Evaluator who are neither an admin nor proposal teal member do not have this ability.
    Note however that the evaluator IS able to make "Evaluation Comments".
  • We fixed an issue that did not allow users to assign a proposal to additional evaluators after it had already been assigned for evaluation. Now additional evaluators can be assigned properly.
  • In addition, we made sure that all proposals in a round can be sent for evaluation, even if they were added to the round after other proposals in the same round were already sent for evaluation.
  • We fixed an issue where Scorecard Action Item links led to the proposal, not to the scorecard. These action items now properly link to the related scorecard.

In addition, we are releasing a few fixes to provide

  • Correct sorting of last updates in proposals by date and time in Switchboard’s admin view.
  • Correct sorting of proposals by Score within an evaluation round.
  • Correctly saved new proposal templates when using Internet Explorer.



  • We accelerated the response time for Switchboard 1.0.
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