Brightidea Release Notes – November 16th 2011


In the past two weeks, we have completed a great deal of enhancements. Please see below a list the most important ones. Note that most of these will not take effect until Wednesday, November 16th, 2011, 8:30PM EST

We have given these new enhancements and fixes a close look to ensure quality before we’ve sent them into production. In case you notice any disruptions, please let us know and we will take fast, appropriate action.  Thank you!



  • We made performance enhancements that speed up actions across the whole system.
  • A quick-toggle feature was added to all WebStorm pages allowing admins to easily enable and disable Widget Setup Mode without having to leave the page
  • We added a “Save” button to the top of our Design page in the Admin Setup menu, so that users don’t have to scroll all the way down to save changes.
  • We changed some terminology in our Activity Feed:
    • To display all comments made on an update, you can now click: “View [X] More Comments”.
    • When a user visits a WebStorm for the first time, the update in the feed will say “User [X] checked into [Campaign Name] for the first time.”
  • To enhance the Excel Reports to download Key Metrics, we reformatted data fields to avoid calculation errors.
  • An error message was displayed on different pages when the user navigated away from the page while the software was still performing a request. We fixed this issue, so that this error message will no longer appear.
  • We also made some fixes to overall search - to accommodate description, user names, and idea code(s).
  • There was an issue with the displayed ideas list when viewing other users’ profiles. The list also showed ideas submitted by the viewer. We fixed this.



  • We moved the “Team Submission” option from beta into the Admin Setup menu. Now admins can enable team submission in the Setup menu under Ideas (in the Ideas sub-tab).Team_Submission.png
  • When saving an idea as an 'Idea Draft', the title of the idea displayed in the 'my drafts' widget with the additional word 'on' after the title. This was because the Idea Saved date was cut off. We fixed this issue.


WebStorm Admin

  • Admins now have the option to display the additional questions from the idea submission form in the WebStorm Admin grid. This enables them to drill into specific information from their WebStorm more efficiently.
    To enable this new feature, go to the Setup menu in WebStorm Admin. Under Options, select “Show Additional Questions/Answers in WebStorm View”.
    In WebStorm Admin, choose one WebStorm. Now, when right-clicking on the grey header bar of the grid, you will see options to enable columns for each question of this WebStorm.Additional_Questions_in_WSA_grid.png
  • Full article concerning this feature is located here

  • A new option in the Admin Setup menu under Ideas/ Ideas sub-tab now allows admins to hide additional idea submission questions from the end-user. This is helpful, when the additional questions are used by only admins to specify submitted ideas.


  • We fixed the “sort in ascending order’ function for ID Codes and an issue with filtering ideas by date. Both work properly now.
  • An issue was fixed that displayed the Proposal icon in the WebStorm Admin idea grid in the wrong column.



  • In the Proposal Template Setup, text fields for additional information are no longer restricted to 50 characters.
  • When an evaluator is assigned multiple scorecards at a time, this person will now only receive one email leading him/her to their action items page.
  • We enhanced the search function in the All Proposals view to enable search by phrases, not just single words.
  • We fixed a design issue on the “Assign Scorecard” page, so that the “Assign Scorecard” button does not drop off the page on smaller screens.
  • When assigning a proposal, the related idea would show up multiple times in the proposal form. We fixed this issue.


If you have any questions about these updates, please let us know. And stay tuned for more – our next release is scheduled for November 30th.

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    Sean Tori - Program Admin

    Wow! Big release! 

    Really impressed with the Webstorm Admin option to display the additional questions in the Admin grid.  Not sure if it's included in this release, but it would really be nice if they also downloaded as their own column in the Excel reports to match the Admin grid format. 

    Also very happy to see the Enterprise improvements!