Brightidea Release Notes – May 30th 2012

In the past two weeks we have made several enhancements/bug fixes. Please see below for a list of the most important ones. Note that these will take effect on Wednesday, May 30th, 2012, 8:30PM EST.  

We have thoroughly tested these new enhancements and fixes to ensure high quality before allowing them into production. In case you notice any disruptions, please let us know and we will take fast, appropriate action. Thank you!



  • Users will now see a "Committed Successfully" message when completing an Action item and the referred page was Enterprise Member Landing / Action items
  • The Enterprise Email Template list has been put in ascending order.
  • We have added new dynamic fields to the dynamic navigations:
    • Links to the "Action Items", "My Proposals"
    • This also shows up in WebStorm setup navigation as well. 
  • There was an issue with the member landing page not working in community dynamic navigation - this is now fixed. 
  • A Brightidea default favicon has been added to all system pages. 
  • Enterprise Login History is now able to be reported on farther than 30 days prior. 
    • Date range is also accommodated to get any specific time frames. 


  • We made various SOLR fixes to auto suggest and search for tagging ideas.
  • We fixed an issue with idea edit history option was formatting the edit idea page incorrectly.
  • Error messages enhancement:
    • If an idea has been hidden or deleted - the end user will receive an error message that says "You are not authorized to view this idea "
      • WebStorm & System administrators will access the idea fine, but end users will be prompted with that message.
    • If a user accesses an idea which has a bad or missing ID in the URL, the end user or administrator will receive an error message that says "An idea with this ID does not exist".
  • BETA: “Enable Submit Idea by Email” to allow users to submit ideas and comments via email. When enabled, a “Mail” tab will appear in WebStorm setup (only in WebStorm level, not Enterprise)


    • For Idea Submission
      • Admins may define “mailboxes,” an email address and idea category
      • Emails to the defined address will submit an idea to that category with the following information:
        • The sender’s email address is idea submitter
        • The email subject line is the idea title
        • The email body is the idea description
        • NOTE: An error message will be sent to the user if he/she attempts to email an invalid address or does not include a title/description

    • Comment Submission
      • Admins may enable comments via email and define the email domain
      • Comment notification emails will be sent from the defined email domain


      • Users will then receive an email update that a comment has been made on their idea, or that another user has replied to their comment
      • They may then send an email reply with their own comment
      • NOTE: An error message will be sent to the user if he/she attempts to email an invalid address or does not include a title/description
    • NOTE: For security purposes, we have two restrictions that may occur that do NOT send an email notification:
      • Forged request
      • Too many ideas submitted from a single user in a short timeframe
        • Rate limit of 20 emails in 5 minutes for both Ideas and Comments
    • Please contact your Brightidea representative to enable this feature.
    • See a full run through here.

WebStorm Admin

  • We added new action menu/right-click option to add ideas to Switchboard collections.
    • This automatically creates a proposal that includes all idea information.


  • We added “Scorecard” field in round grid scorecard tooltip.
  • Additional idea submission questions formatting issue (in which text formatting was displayed incorrectly) on the "evaluation scorecard" page
  • When all Proposals are removed from a Round, the Round will now automatically be deleted. 
  • We added a 250 character limit to evaluation tooltip and an error message on save if the limit has been reached.
  • The action items page should now load a lot faster :)
  • We made fixes to the Proposal Icon in round grid.
    • It should now show appropriate icon at certain stages.
  • We fixed an issue in which rolling over a button of the rich text editor caused errors with display.
  • We reduced the height of the footer section for improved grid visibility.
  • There is an Improvement in the content and formatting of the evaluator comment email subject line.
  • When adding a new field to an existing proposal template, pressing "Save to Existing Template" multiple times added duplicate fields.
    • This is now fixed.
  • There was incorrect spacing in the "Proposal team notification email" template.
    • This is now fixed. 
  • We added a “Proposal deleted” message for proposal deletion.
  • We added  a “Proposal Removed” message for removing a proposal from a round.
  • When navigating to a proposal from the My Proposals or All Proposals pages - it now directs the user to latest version of proposal
  • The Switchboard Grid columns now properly resize with browser window size
  • We updated UI for popups for the delete collection and WebStorm Admin Excel export
  • We added a "Proposal Team" hover over tooltip to the Scorecard Summary page
    • New UI fixes to Proposal Team tooltip in Scorecard Commit / Scorecard Summary pages
  • Enhancement – Made several changes with the Print to PDF feature:
    • We added to the Scorecard Summary page
    • Proposal discussion section has now been removed.
    • Profile pictures now load in the section.
    • It now includes question titles
  • We fixed several issues with Switchboard Round Export feature:
    • Fixed an issue in which only column headings are displayed without data
    • Fixed an issue in which the Round Export popup would not appear
  • We added a “Idea Added to Collection” message when adding an idea to a Switchboard Collection.
  • In the Evaluator view of a Collection from the Closed Action Items list, evaluators do not see which other evaluations are pending completion
  • We added an "Add Proposal" search popup within a round.
    • Users may search by proposal/idea code
    • Results are listed alphabetically
  • The evaluation Question Tooltip Icon has been resized to accommodate space.
  • There have been several UI enhancement to collection rounds interface as well. 



  • We made several enhancements to Pipeline grid Excel export:
    • Now only one Excel export icon appears, instead of two 
    • Export icon now consistent in WebStorm Admin and Switchboard
    • Export popup now uses our updated popup window UI.

If you have any questions about these updates, please let us know. And stay tuned for more – our next release is scheduled for June 13th, 2012.


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