Brightidea Product Release Notes – July 25th 2012

In the past two weeks we have made several enhancements and bug fixes. These changes will take effect on Wednesday, July 25th, 2012, 8:30PM EST.

Please note that some of these features are beta options that must be turned on by your Brightidea representative. We have thoroughly tested these new enhancements and fixes to ensure high quality before allowing them into production. If you notice any disruptions, please let us know and we will take fast, appropriate action. Thank you!

If you have received these release notes via email, this post may be truncated. To read complete documentation, please visit the Product Release Notes forum in the Brightidea Support Portal.

Release Focus - WebStorm Enhancements

We have made a number of UI and functional enhancements to WebStorm, focused on improving the voting workflow. The most significant changes have been detailed below, with further enhancements listed in the Additional Enhancements section.

Updated Voting Design

  • The UI for voting on ideas has been updated to quickly and easily show the overall sum of promote and demote votes for the idea
    • Gray: Neutral sum
    • Green: Positive (more promotes than demotes)
    • Red: Negative (fewer promotes than demotes)
  • Read more about the updated voting design here

Idea View Count

  • View count allows administrators to easily recognize which ideas are the most popular both in WebStorm and in WebStorm Admin
  • To enable: Navigate to WebStorm Setup --> Ideas --> Ideas ---> and enable "Idea View Count"
  • The view count will also be available as a column in WebStorm Admin
  • Read more about idea view count here

  Vote Reason (BETA)

  • Allows user to provide a reason or comment when voting on an idea
  • Clicking “promote” or “demote” initiates a popup where users may input the reason for their vote
  • Once submitted, vote reason will appear in the vote history section below the idea description
  • Promote and demote vote reason may be enabled separately
    • NOTE: When enabled, users are required to enter a reason in order to vote
  • Read more about vote reason here

  Updates to Rules Engine (BETA)

  • We have made a number of enhancements to email notifications for the rules engine.
  • Read further about the rules engine here.

Email Templates and Dynamic Fields

  • Customizable email templates are now available for the rules engine from:
    • To edit: Navigate to WebStorm Admin Setup --> Rules Engine --> Email Templates
  • Users may create their own email templates, which can then be selected in the rules editor
  • Email templates include the following dynamic fields:
    • Affiliate ID
    • Contact Email
    • Idea Code
    • Idea Title
    • Submitter Screen Name
    • Screen Name
    • WebStorm Name

Search Typeahead for Email Recipient

  • Search typeahead has been added to the user search when selecting email notification recipients

Pipeline Enhancements

We have made a number of UI and functional enhancements to Pipeline to improve the overall user experience. The most significant changes have been detailed below, with further enhancements listed in the Additional Enhancements section.

Project Code

  • All projects are now assigned a unique project ID number: L###, beginning with L100
  • Existing projects in Pipeline are automatically assigned a unique project ID

Updated To Dos

  • To Dos may now be assigned to project team members
  • To add: Navigate to Project --> To Dos --> Add To Do section
    • Project team members appear in the dropdown menu
  • Users assigned a To Do receive an email notification

Pipeline Email Templates

  • We have updated and added the following email templates for Pipeline:
    • New project created
    • Project status updated
    • Project Milestone completed
    • Project To Do completed
  • To edit: Navigate to Enterprise Setup --> Site --> System Email Messages

  My Projects List (BETA)

  • “My Projects” shows projects that the user is the owner or team member of
  • Projects in “My Projects” may be exported to Excel


Additional Enhancements

The following additional enhancements have been made throughout the Brightidea platform. For your convenience, they have been categorized by product.


  • Mini Idea List widget and private messages now respects timezone settings set in Enterprise Setup
  • Posts and comments can now be deleted from Enterprise user landing pages
  • Daily digest emails now respect custom contact email settings
  • Fixed the dynamic fields [CAMPAIGN_NAME] and [IDEA_SUB_SCREEN_NAME] for the idea campaign change email notification
  • Label editor is now available in the design tab
    • To access: Navigate to Enterprise Setup --> Site --> Design --> Labels
    • When Label Edit Mode is enabled, users may edit the labels listed in this section; these edits will be reflected throughout the system


  • Ideas reports now include team members when team idea submission is enabled
  • Edits to an idea description using inline editing (BETA) are now properly saved
  • WebStorm dashboard now displays cumulative user history correctly
  • When saving an idea draft for team idea submission, team members are saved with the draft


  • Statuses may now be changed successfully when selecting multiple ideas
  • WebStorm Admin ideas grid export now works properly when viewing a specific WebStorm
  • Added the following columns to the WebStorm ideas grid
    • Comment count
    • View count
  • WebStorm Admin -  Assign Proposal feature now respects custom contact email address


  •  BETA: Updated several features for batches scorecard configuration
    • Added a hoverover tooltip for Batches
      • Appears when hovering over Batches icon
      • Shows admin who created the batch and any associated Batch Admins
    • Added search typeahead evaluators in scorecard configuration screens
    • Evaluation teams may now be added; adding an evaluation team adds each individual member to the Evaluators list
    • Batch name is now limited to 50 characters
    • Improved performance and response time of adding proposals to a batch
    • Added new option: Add to Collection/Batch
      • New option is available in:
        • Action menu for Switchboard proposals grid
        • Action menu for proposal view
        • Action menu for WebStorm Admin ideas grid (for adding ideas to batches
      • To add proposal to batch: Select Proposal(s) --> Select Add to Batch --> Search for Batches
      • Search results list is automatically populated with Batches the user has access to
  • Updated UI for popups throughout Switchboard
  • New email template available for proposal status update
  • To edit: Navigate to Enterprise Setup --> Site --> System Email Messages
  • Added the following columns to the Switchboard proposals grid:
  • Related Batch
  • Related Scorecards
    • Hoverover tooltip shows average score, scorecard template, due date, and completed/pending evaluations
  • Scorecard summary now accurately shows how many evaluators have completed their scorecards
  • Proposal status change now works correctly across browsers


  • Updated UI for the left navigation bar and popups throughout Pipeline
  • Added the following columns to the Pipeline projects grid
    • Date Created
    • Completion Target
    • Project Owner
  • Multiple projects may now be selected at once from the Pipeline project grid
  • Related Proposals section when viewing a project now shows a count of the related proposals

If you have any questions about these updates, please let us know. And stay tuned for more – our next release is scheduled for Wednesday, August 8th, 2012.

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    Sean Tori - Program Admin

    I like the idea view count shown on there. I also like the vote reason - something I had asked for a while ago!