Brightidea Product Release Notes – December 12th 2012

In the past two weeks we have made several enhancements and bug fixes. These changes will take effect on Wednesday, December 12th, 2012, 8:30PM EST.

Please note that some of these features are beta options that must be turned on by your Brightidea representative. We have thoroughly tested these new enhancements and fixes to ensure high quality before allowing them into production. If you notice any disruptions, please let us know and we will take fast, appropriate action. Thank you!

If you have received these release notes via email, this post may be truncated. To read complete documentation, please visit the Product Release Notes forum in the Brightidea Support Portal.


Release Focus

 Idea Merge Updates (BETA)

Several enhancements have been made to idea merge in WebStorm Admin.

  • Child merged ideas no longer disappear from WebStorm Admin. They now remain visible in the ideas grid with the following changes:
    • The child idea title appears in gray, with a [MERGED] tag added to the beginning of the title
    • The hoverover tooltip for the child idea now displays information about the master idea
  • After merging, child ideas may now no longer be merged again
  • Also improved email triggering for merged ideas in regards to the idea submitters
  • More information about idea merge feature can be found here.

 Enterprise and WebStorm Notifications (BETA)

Notifications update users on activity in their system. These notifications increase user engagement and improve visibility for popular and relevant ideas.

  • Notifications are available on:
    • Enterprise level (across multiple WebStorms)
    • WebStorm level (for a single WebStorm or across multiple WebStorms)
  • The notification icon and panel appears as an item in dynamic navigation

Notifications update users for:

  • Tag Following (with Tag subscription [BETA] enabled)
    • An idea is submitted with tag(s) the user follows
    • Another user tags an idea with tag(s) the user follows
    • See information around following tags here.
  • Idea Votes
    • Another user votes on the user's idea
  • Idea Comments
    • Another user comments on the user's idea
    • Another user comments on an idea the user voted on
    • Another user comments on an idea the user commented on
  • More information about Notifications can be found here.

Additional Enhancements

The following additional fixes and enhancements have been made throughout the Brightidea platform. For your convenience, they have been categorized by product:

enterprise logo.png

  • Email newsletters are now sent correctly when using special characters in the subject line
  • Idea tag subscription & Proposal Comment emails now update correctly with dynamic fields
  • Fixed an issue with community level image library
  • There was an error for updating the same type of widgets on both communities and Enterprise level - this is now fixed
  • We mirrored the Support tab in Enterprise Setup for easier access for our System Administrators
    • To enable, navigate to Enterprise Setup --> Site --> Components --> Enable Support Tab
  • User Import now accommodates foreign characters in headers and content
  • Updated Newsletter to accommodate up to 100 characters in subject line
  • Updated Newsletter body to keep spacing synced upon sending. There was an issue with line breaks that we now fixed


  • Fixed an issue in which Idea Short URLs (BETA) changed the results for WebStorm ideas tabs
  • Fixed an issue with dynamic fields in 'Idea Status Change' email templates
  • Updated Facebook login with the latest security policies
  • Fixed an issue with having blank categories
  • Fixed an issue with apostrophes in comments
  • Idea Import accommodates foreign characters in headers


  • Fixed an issue in which WebStorm administrators were getting logged out when trying to access WebStorm Admin
  • Fixed an issue with bookmarks not being shared
  • Fixed an issue in which removing Batch Admins or Administrators from a batch would not save correctly
  • Email notification when moving an idea to a different WebStorm now respects Enterprise custom contact email settings
  • Email notification when changing idea status now sends correctly


  • Evaluator completion tooltips when viewing a round within a batch/collection now appears correctly after sorting by different columns
  • Assigning large numbers of scorecards (over 100) no longer times out
  • If related to proposals, ideas and idea attachments from group restricted WebStorms by now be accessed by proposal team members and evaluators
  • Column filters in the My Action Items and Sent Action items pages now work correctly
  • Fixed an issue with batches showing incorrect evaluators in the popup when evaluators were removed
  • Evaluators were still in some cases receving emails from the batch if the option was disabled.  This is now fixed.
  • Fixed issue with exporting scorecard templates in Switchboard Setup
  • Updated icons in the batch to reflect custom proposal statuses
  • IE browser compatibility and formatting improvements


  • Project Owner may now be selected when creating a new project from the Create Project popup
  • Edits to project descriptions from the project Info page now save correctly
  • Fixed issue with exporting projects and information not included
  • Project wall and activity feed comments are now truncated after 400 characters. Full text can be shown by clicking "more"
  • Project grid exports now includes Status, Date Created and Visibility columns
  • Pipeline email notifications have been updated for improved clarity and ease of use
  • UI Improvements to the Project Wall page
  • IE browser compatibility and formatting improvements

If you have any questions about these updates, please let us know. And stay tuned for more – our next release is scheduled for December 19th!

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