Brightidea Product Release Notes – February 6th 2013

In the past week we have made several enhancements and bug fixes. These changes will take effect on Wednesday, February 6th, 2013, 8:30PM EST.

Please note that some of these features are beta options that must be turned on by your Brightidea representative. We have thoroughly tested these new enhancements and fixes to ensure high quality before allowing them into production. If you notice any disruptions, please let us know and we will take fast, appropriate action. Thank you!

If you have received these release notes via email, this post may be truncated. To read complete documentation, please visit the Product Release Notes forum in the Brightidea Support Portal.


Release Enhancements

The following additional fixes and enhancements have been made throughout the Brightidea platform. For your convenience, they have been categorized by product:

enterprise logo.png

  • Fixed an issue with the Notifications (BETA) icon not appearing in IE8. More information about Notifications can be found here.
  • Favorited ideas now appear correctly in the Enterprise "My Favorites" widget
  • The community leaderboard page now correctly displays community-level users
  • The community "Tag Cloud" widget now correctly links to the community-level idea pages
  • The Enterprise Activity Feed now respects "After Login Page" settings when linking to a WebStorm
  • Breadcrumb links now work correctly in community pages
  • After merging, child ideas no longer appear in Enterprise idea lists


  • The "Updates" widget now correctly displays information for WebStorms that are excluded from Enterprise lists
  • The "Days in Status" column in the ideas report now displays correctly when using custom date formatting
  • The "Idea Status" widget now links correctly when WebStorm vanity URLs are changed
  • Fixed an issue with idea category and statuses not being saved correctly
  • Fixed an issue with selecting dependent questions in IE8


  • When idea merge is enabled, two new columns are available in the ideas grid:
    • Merged: This displays if the idea had been merged, and if it is a Master or Child
    • Merged With: This displays the idea(s) that had be merged with the idea
    • See all info on Merging Ideas here.
  • WebStorm Admin ideas grid search now supports foreign characters
  • When applying a new filter to the ideas grid, the grid now resets to the first page of results


  • Fixed an issue in which the Print Proposal (BETA) icon was obscured by the scroll bar
  • Action Item Summary and Detail reports now support foreign characters
  • Batch export (BETA) reports now correctly display proposal version numbers
  • Dropdown menus for custom proposal statuses (BETA) now appear correctly in Chrome
  • Scorecard template reports now display answers and answer values correctly


  • Fixed user name alignment in the project "Add/Remove Users" popup

If you have any questions about these updates, please let us know.  Thank you!

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    Sean Tori - Program Admin

    Glad to see you guys are working on the communities! We have quite a few of them now and I love to see improvements in the community functionality.