Brightidea Product Release Notes – August 7th 2013

In the past several weeks we have made a number of enhancements and bug fixes. These changes will take effect on Wednesday, August 7th, 2013, 8:30PM EST.

Please note that some of these features are beta options that must be turned on by your Brightidea representative. We have thoroughly tested these new enhancements and fixes to ensure high quality before allowing them into production. If you notice any disruptions, please let us know and we will take fast, appropriate action. Thank you!

If you have received these release notes via email, this post may be truncated. To read complete documentation, please visit the Product Release Notes forum in the Brightidea Support Portal.


Release Focus

Asynchronous Reports for Switchboard

Reports for Switchboard have been added to the asynchronous framework to improve performance when downloading large reports. This framework allows reports to be run asynchronously, so that the user may navigate to other pages while the report is created in the background.


These reports can be accessed from Switchboard -> Setup -> Reports -> Downloads. The following reports have been include in the update:

  • Proposal Summary
  • Scorecard Summary
  • Action Items Summary
  • Action Items Detail

More details about asynchronous reports can be found here.


Release Enhancements

The following additional fixes and enhancements have been made throughout the Brightidea platform. For your convenience, they have been categorized by product:


enterprise logo.png

  • Fixed an issue in which attempting to download async reports (BETA) failed
  • Made a number of updates and fixes for the Enterprise Post Idea widget:
    • Post Idea no longer allows users to submit an idea with no data (title/descriptions/category).
    • Post Idea now uses the rich text editor by default
    • Fixed an issue in which submitting an idea would fail and cause the idea description and title to be lost
    • The Preview button now works
  • Made a number of UI and usability enhancements and fixes for the User Tagging feature (BETA)
  • Fixed an issue with not being able to delete comments in the Enterprise Activity Feed widget


  • The WebStorm dashboard is now compatible in IE8
  • Made a number of updates to WebStorm blog post notification emails:
    • Emails now respect user profile email opt-out settings
    • Email contact now respects custom contact email address
    • HTML code no longer appears in email notifications
  • Fixed an issue in which the "Forgot Password?" feature would cause errors in public WebStorms
  • Fixed an issue in which multiple tag notifications were being sent for a single tag
  • The title for the Poll Widget (BETA) may now be changed
  • Users with apostrophes (') in their name may now be added to WebStorm user groups
  • The My Idea widget now correctly displays 0 ideas if the user has not submitted any ideas


  • Short and long answer idea submission fields may now be sorted and filtered in the WSA Ideas Grid


  • Fixed an issue in which the scorecard "Created By" name would not appear correctly
  • Fixed an issue in which Proposal names would not appear correctly


If you have any questions about these updates, please let us know.  And stay tuned for more – our next release is scheduled for August 21st, 2013!

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