Brightidea Product Release Notes - October 1st 2013


Brightidea is so excited
to discuss the changes for our Fall 2013 release! These changes will take effect on Tuesday, October 1st 2013, 8:30PM EST.
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Release Focus

WebStorm Scheduler

  • Set start and end dates for your WebStorms, as well as for idea submission, voting and commenting
  • Newsletters and blog posts can also be scheduled in advance
  • Notifications and configurable reminders ensure you stay up-to-date on triggered events in your WebStorms


  • Learn more about the WebStorm Scheduler, here!

WebStorm Feedback

  • Gather information about the performance of your WebStorm directly from your sponsor
  • Easily assign, remind and track requests for WebStorm Feedback
  • Exports and dashboard panels help prove the value of your innovation program


  • Learn more about WebStorm Feedback, here!

Idea Boards

  • A new, engaging UI to drive campaign participation and superior idea management
  • Deep filtering lets you quickly and easily find the ideas you want


  • Learn more about Idea Boards, here!

Enterprise Dashboard

  • Updated with new mini-graphs to provide a quick view into the most important information in your system
  • Track ideas and activity from across your system for multiple WebStorms


  • Learn more about the new Enterprise Dashboard, here!

Global Navigation

  • A unified navigation menu for all users, providing a consistent interface across multiple Enterprise, Community and WebStorm pages
  • Provides a consolidated location for Notifications, Action Item Alerts and Private Messages, with quick links to Profile, Settings and Logout
  • Configure which WebStorms inherit the Global Navigation


  • Learn more about Global navigation, here!

Also new in BETA!


Other Fixes & Improvements

enterprise logo.png

  • Fixed an issue with Action Item alerts not clearing out correctly when completed.


  • Fixed an issue with User Tagging & editing comments
  • Fixed an issue with number format in submission form, not formatting correctly in the idea & idea list.
  • Fixed issue with tags not saving correctly when using foreign characters
  • Fixed issue with tag subscription happening when users commented on ideas
  • Trend Tracking report is now Asynchronous
  • Fixed security issue with duplicate checker & anonymous submission
  • Fixed issue with hidden ideas being removed from widgets for administrators


  • Fixed issue with rules engine emails not sending successfully


  • Fixed issues with downloading scorecard summary report
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