Uploading Your Favicon

Each Brightidea can upload their own Favicon through Enterprise and Initiative setups. When a User is on an Enterprise level page, they will see the Enterprise icon - Initiative level will show an Initiative icon.

  • Initiative level icons will always supersede Enterprise level icons.

NEW: The Favicon feature has been updated to a new version. However, affiliates that were created before June 2019 may not have this feature enabled by default.

Contact your Customer Success Manager or our Support department and one of our team members can quickly enable this for you.

Initiative/Enterprise - Your favicon can be uploaded in Setup > Site > Design


The icon should be small in size so it will display in the tabs of your browser whenever a user is on your Site page. Your favicon file must be an .ico file 16px x 16px.

Administrators can also disable your Favicon by selecting: "Do not use a Favicon"


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