How to Duplicate an Initiative

Below is what the administrator needs to do in order to copy all design and settings to a new or existing Pipeline within Enterprise:

Navigate to your Command Center > Products (formerly known as Apps) page and scroll down to the Duplicate tile:


Select the existing Initiative/Pipeline to copy the settings FROM, (aka the Pipeline the admin wishes to inherit the settings from.) He/she will select which properties to carry over. Select "Duplicate".

  • NEW: The Duplicate Initiative popup has been updated with an improved look and feel 
    • Pipeline-level email templates are now copied to the new Initiative
    • General Access groups, Administrators, and Moderators will now be displayed and editable before duplicating the initiative



    • Duplicate DOES copy the following:
      • Includes: Dependent Form Questions in Submission Form
      • All copied questions will override the current submission form configuration and existing idea submission form data WILL BE LOST.
      • All Widgets 
      • All Labels 
      • All Terms and Conditions
      • All Design Changes
      • All Idea List Tabs
      • Dynamic Navigation
      • Administrator Selection
      • All Submission Forms 
      • All Backend event handlers
      • All Categories
      • All Statuses
      • Idea Multiplier
      • Navigation
      • Reputation Point settings
      • All Checkbox Options
        • However no "Dropdown" selections > Therefore, for example for Email Digest: 
      • Custom Email Templates
      • The date formatting selection will not copy over, but the enabled option will.

    • Duplicate DOES NOT copy over:
      • This is by design to take into consideration for security
      • Email Digest dropdown Selection
      • Total number of Chips per user (if using Chip Voting)
      • Groups associated with the Pipeline
    • Nothing happens with the ideas if the admin uses an active Pipeline to duplicate 
      • It only changes the look and feel. If the admin made any label changes, those will be changed so keep that in mind.
    • If the admin uses Duplicate, it will create a replica of the current Pipeline with all options and details.
    • If the admin uses Create Pipeline wizard, it will create a new template of a Pipeline with look and feel, but it will not take all selected options over.
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  • Avatar
    Thomas Bleij


    When navigating to ADMIN --> ENTERPRISE SETUP i have the following tabs.

    Site, Ideas, Users, Exports, Webstorms, Mobile, Support, Image library, Authentication, Beta

    Am i at the wrong location to copy a webstorm?


  • Avatar

    Hi Thomas,

    Yes, you'll need to look in WebStorm setup area, not Enterprise.

    WebStorm Setup ---> Enterprise---> Copy

    Thank you,

    Brightidea Support