What is the "My Favorites" Feature?

What is the "My Favorites" Feature?

  • The "My Favorites" feature allows end users to build a list of their favorite ideas submitted to the WebStorm.
    • This feature consists of the following components:
      • Favorite icon (the star) will appear for each submitted idea on the Idea Boards and View Idea pages.  
      • Each end user can click on this icon to “Favorite” or “Unfavorite” ideas
      • A list of favorited ideas can be viewed in "My Favorites" widget.
  • The Administrator must enable the "My Favorites" feature in WebStorm Setup --> Ideas ---> Ideas---> My Favorites

  • In Idea Boards the user can favorite/unfavorite ideas directly on the page by clicking on the star icon

  • The user can also view all of their favorite ideas within the "Favorited" tab
    • If "My Favorites" is not enabled, neither the star icon nor the "Favorited" tab will show up in Idea Boards 
  • Within the View Idea page select the star icon on the far right to favorite/unfavorite the idea
  • The user can then view their favorites via the "My Favorites" widget 
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