How do I re-route a WebStorm to another URL?


How do I re-route a WebStorm to a redirection URL?


  • To re-route any WebStorm (Ended or Not Ended) you can enable this option under WebStorm Setup --> Site --> Components
  • This will re-route any end user user trying to access this WebStorm, once this is on, all end users users will go to the URL you provide.  
    • Select "Save Changes" when finished.
  • Note:  This will not be disabled until administrator turns this option off.  
  • The administrator must navigate to the WebStorm via Enterprise in order to disable.
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    Andre St-Martin

    when you say "all users", do the systems admin still have access? I suppose so.

    Could this be set-up for when you change a campaign access from general population ( a large group) to an evaluation group (small)? I suppose not.

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    Anthony Madama

    Yes, they have access.  But in order to get back to the campaign, they have to navigate via Enterprise and turn it off if need be.

  • Avatar
    Andre St-Martin

    The admin can still go in, from navigating from home page. The admin does not have to turn it off to go in.

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    Mark Christensen

    I like to save the URL for the Admin Setup page for a WebStorm before this is enabled.  That is a good access point for an Admin after a redirect has been set up.

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