Everything You Need to Know about 'Blogs'!

Everything You Need to Know about 'Blogs'!

Blog posts within Brightidea allow an administrators' users to be in the know about anything!  Leverage blogs/blog posts to enhance the transparency between the administrator and the audience. Below there is a breakdown on how to use blogs within Brightidea.!




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Enterprise Level Blog

    • To submit a new blog post, navigate to the Enterprise blog submission page,



    • The blog submitter can freely input any text for the title/content fields
    • Input or select any tag(s) associated with the blog post.
    • Attachment(s) can also be added to the blog post, select the "Browse" button to attach a file. Note, the blog attachment limit is 7MB.
    • Each Enterprise blog post must select a "Blog Topic" first before being posted.  The "Blog Topic" widget is used to create additional blog topics when needed. This widget can be added to the page from the widget drop-down menu if needed.


    • Users who have access to the Enterprise level (which in most cases is everybody) have access to the Enterprise blog list/view pages
    • Enterprise blogs are tied to WebStorm level blogs, e.g. All WebStorm blog postings will appear at the Enterprise level with respect to domain/group restrictions.

WebStorm Level Blog

    • Blog functionality at the WebStorm level is similar to the Enterprise level - with the main difference being that it is targeting users within a specific WebStorm only.
    • Blog postings at the WebStorm level will appear on the WebStorm level blog list page:



    • Only users who have access to the WebStorm (via group/domain restriction) have the ability to access the WebStorm blog page.
    • Blog posts at the WebStorm level do not need to select a 'Blog Topic'.
    • If administrator posts a blog on Enterprise and post it under WebStorm A (blog topic), then when users log in to both Enterprise and/or WebStorm A - they will be able to see the blog.

Important things to Note!

  • If user navigates to the Enterprise blog list (https://_____.brightidea.com/ct/c_blog_list.bix?a=OD____) the user will be able to see all blog posts across from Enterprise.
  • If user navigates to the WebStorm blog list (https://_____brightidea.com/ct/ct_blog_list.bix?c=____) the user will be able to see all WebStorm blog posts.
  • Both Enterprise/WebStorm posts trigger emails accordingly to users for new blog post alerts.
  • At this time, it is not possible to embed videos into a blog post.

Blog Commenting:

  • If the administrator wishes to have users comment on blog postings, please enable "Comments Submission" under WebStorm Setup ---> Site --> Blog
  • Once enabled, this option in blogs allows users to create comments to blog posts in WebStorm.
  • There is no feature for email notifications to be triggered on comments to blog posts.

Editing / Deleting A Blog Entry:

  • Administrators can edit/delete blog postings by selecting the "edit / delete" buttons on the blog page
  • When editing, it will not trigger any new emails to your audience once the administrator saves changes.
    • If the administrator updates the blog, it will keep the original posting date.
  • When deleting a blog post, it will remove it self from all widgets.


Blog Subscriptions:

  • Blogs can be viewed and subscribed by anyone.  However, they must have an account within Brightidea.  
  • If a user is subscribed to a blog, an email will be sent to them when a new blog post has been submitted in the WebStorm. 
    • The user willl not receive an email if there are comments made to those blog posts.  Refer to the following for more information:

How a User can Subscribe to the Blog

  • If a user wishes to manually subscribe to a blog - they can select the "subscribe" option on the top right of the blog post:
  • The user can also "unsubscribe" by selecting the same link.

Pre-Subscribing Users to a Blog

    • As an administrator, navigate to: WebStorm Setup ---> Site ---> Blog ---> "Subscribe User to Blog on Registration"
      • The user will then be pre-subscribed to the blog once they register for the WebStorm.  This will only work for new users.



How to Add a User to be Subscribed to the Blog

  • As an administrator, navigate to: WebStorm Setup --> Site --> Blog ---> "Manage Blog Subscriptions"
  • Under the "Manage Blog Subscriptions" section, enter in email or screen name of the user.
    • Type name of user and click 'Add Member' to add them to the subscribed list.
    • Once subscribed, the user(s) will receive emails.
      • If any users are not subscribed, then they will not receive emails on new posts to the blog.  

Viewing Who is Subscribed

  • As an administrator, Navigate to: WebStorm Setup --->Site ---> Blog
  • Select  'Get Current Subscribers' list.
  • Once there, the administrator can see who is subscribed to the WebStorm level blog - and WebStorm / System administrator can remove subscribers accordingly if need be.

Important Things to Note:

  • As of now, Brightidea does not have Enterprise blog subscription settings
    • However, for Enterprise users, if a user already has a user account due to activity on "WebStorm A",  that user will also inherit the blog subscription on a newly created "WebStorm B" if "Subscribe User to Blog Upon Registration" option is checked. 
    • Users must subscribe to the individual WebStorm level blogs. 
      • There is no Enterprise subscription setting at this time.  Read more about Enterprise level blogs here.
  • Please note: There is no mass subscription or 'import'  feature at this time
    • The administrator can also add users manually via "Manage Blog Subscriptions"
  • There is no export available for blog subscribers
  • Once users are subscribed to blogs, the system will trigger the "New Blog Post" email template:

Blog Widgets:

My Blog Drafts Widget

  • With this widget, administrators can view all saved blog drafts in their WebStorm blog.
  • This is especially helpful when administrators are trying to schedule blog communication via the WebStorm Scheduler.
  • Learn more about WebStorm level blog features, in this section.

'Blog Archives' Widget

  • Blog archives groups the blogs by month, for the past 10 months.

'Recent Blog Titles' Widget

  • This widget gives a list of the five most recent blogs posted.

Recent Blogs Widget

Displays the Blog Title, the first 30 words of the blog, and who was the
creator of the blog.
  • This widget displays the Blog Title, the first thirty words of the blog, and who was the creator of the blog.

Active Blogs Widget

  • This widget shows the five most active blogs according to comments.
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