Duplicate Checker on Post Submission


Everything You Need to Know about 'Duplicate Checker'


Duplicate Checker is a great feature that allows more unique submissions to come through.  As a user posts a submission, the duplicate checker will populate the user with other submissions that may be similar to theirs.


Getting Started

  • To enable duplicate checker, navigate to WebStorm Setup --> Ideas --> Ideas
  • Enable the Duplicate Checker checkbox and select "Save Changes"




Using Duplicate Checker

  • Once a users posts a submission the duplicate checker automatically runs a search on previous submissions if the following option is enabled,
  • If a duplicate comes up, the user can select one of the returned search results and be navigated to that submission.
  • Once a submission is hidden, all end users will not be able to see any hidden submissions to choose from in the duplicate checker when attempting to submit.
    • Administrators however can see those hidden submissions
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