Anonymous Idea Submission

Everything You Need to Know About 'Anonymous Submission'

Anonymous idea submission allows the idea submitter to submit their idea 'Anonymously' to prevent their name from being displayed as the idea submitter!

Getting Started:

  • To enable 'Anonymous Submission', navigate to WebStorm Setup --> Ideas --> Ideas and select one of the three options available:


    • Optional - User can choose when posting their idea
      • If selected by idea submitter when posting idea, anonymous users will show up for administrators when viewing idea(s).
      • End users will not see the idea submitter.


    • Only Anonymous - Only Administrator can see username of the submitter(s)
      • Under this option - users cannot choose if they wish to be anonymous, all ideas will be submitted anonymously on idea submission:
    • Only Anonymous - Administrator cannot see the username of the submitter(s)
      • Under this option - users cannot choose if they wish to be anonymous and name will not be visible to administrators on the front-end only!
        • Note, administrators can still see the actual submitter in back-end reporting and idea lists.


Please Note:
  • If the user submits an idea with anonymous submission, it is locked.  
    • The idea submitter can't be edited once submitted.  
      • You can however always resubmit and hide the original idea if need be, or delete the idea if necessary. 
  • There is an option to "Hide user points from end users " which you can get access to via your Brightidea representative to further sustain confidentiality or Remove all "Top Contributor"/Statistics widgets from your WebStorm pages. 
  • If a user submits anonymously - it still populates the points under their name. 
    • Therefore, if a user is logged in as "User A", and they submit an idea anonymously, the idea will be logged as "Anonymous", but "User A" will get an increase of 3 or 5 points (whichever the reputation points is set to.) in the respective widgets.
  • Both Enterprise and WebStorm 'ideas' reports will respect anonymous submission.
    • Anonymous ideas will list "Anonymous" as the idea submitter.
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    Can comments be anonymous also? If someone asks the idea submitter a question and they respond then it won't be anonymous any longer.

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    We do not have an anonymous comment feature at this time. Apologies for any inconvenience,


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