Anonymous Idea Submission

Anonymous idea submission allows the idea submitter to submit their idea 'Anonymously' to prevent their name from being displayed as the idea submitter!

Getting Started:

  • To enable 'Anonymous Submission', navigate to Site Setup > Ideas > Ideas and select one of the three options available:


    • Optional - User can choose when posting their idea
      • If selected by idea submitter when posting idea, anonymous users will show up for administrators when viewing idea(s).
      • End users will not see the idea submitter.


    • Only Anonymous - Only Administrator can see username of the submitter(s)
      • Under this option - users cannot choose if they wish to be anonymous, all ideas will be submitted anonymously on idea submission:
    • Only Anonymous - Administrator cannot see the username of the submitter(s)
      • Note, administrators can still see the actual submitter in back-end reporting and idea lists.
      • Under this option - users cannot choose if they wish to be anonymous and name will not be visible to administrators on the front-end only!


Please Note:
  • If the user submits an idea with anonymous submission, it is not possible to change that (even as administrator).  
    • You can however always resubmit and hide the original idea if need be, or delete the idea if necessary. 
    • The idea submitter can't be edited once submitted.   
  • Please note: Anonymous functionality is designed for the front-end user experience only.
    • Back-end views (e.g. Steps/List views) will still show the actual submitters names to administrators/moderators.
    • Exports in setup for administrators can also show the actual user name of the submitters.
    • This is true even when the option "Only Anonymous - Admin CAN NOT see username" is used.
  • Anonymous ideas will not return in Brightidea search for end users.
  • The Brightidea Mobile application will also respect Anonymous submission for end users views. 
  • If a user submits anonymously - it still populates the points under their name. 
    • Therefore, if a user is logged in as "User A", and they submit an idea anonymously, the idea will be logged as "Anonymous", but "User A" will get an increase of 3 or 5 points (whichever the reputation points is set to.) in the respective widgets.
  • Both Enterprise and WebStorm 'ideas' reports will respect anonymous submission.
    • Anonymous ideas will list "Anonymous" as the idea submitter.
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    Can comments be anonymous also? If someone asks the idea submitter a question and they respond then it won't be anonymous any longer.

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    Brightidea Support


    We do not have an anonymous comment feature at this time. Apologies for any inconvenience,


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    Samuel Pi

    It's better we could have a completed anonymous solution, including submitting, commenting, voting for both front end and back end.

    Edited by Samuel Pi