Understanding Submission Attachments

Uploading attachments is a great way to help your fellow users better understand your Submission. This article will review some of the frequently asked questions around attaching supplementary material to Submission(s). 


Approved File Types

Users can upload ALL types of files. We have updated our Attachments to support every file type, however the file attachment size cannot exceed 150MB. If a file takes longer than 30 seconds to upload, then Brightidea will automatically quit the upload to prevent any further issues.

How to Embed a Video within a Submission 

When creating a Submission, if the User attaches a video file into the Attachments field, the video will embed into the Description and can be played within Brightidea! This video file will also live within the Attachments section of the Submission.


  • Note: Videos will only embed during the Submission process, videos cannot be embedded after the Submission has been created. If you would to know how to add videos to View Idea pages, please see our support article here.

Attachments configurations within the Submission Form 

Attachments cannot be set as required within the Submission Form, however they can be hidden from the Submission Form by disabling the "Attachments" option within Site Setup > Ideas


An additional option for Private Attachments can be enabled within the Site Setup > Ideas screen


With this option enabled, Attachments can be marked as Private when uploaded. This will hide the Attachments on the View Idea page from all End-Users. The only Users that will be able to view these Attachments will be Admins and the Submitter.


Attachments applied to Comments

Attachments can also be applied to Comments by clicking on the "paper clip" icon in the bottom-left of the Commenting field. These Attachments will abide by the same restrictions listed above.


Important Notes:

  • It is not possible to export Attachments at this time. Admins will need to download the Attachments from the individual View Submission pages.
  • Admins can delete Attachments after they have been uploaded. Refer to this article regarding editing submissions.
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  • Avatar

    I couldn't remove attachment option with this instructions, without any print screen. Please add some imagens to this topic "How do I remove the attachments option for idea submission?". Thanks

  • Avatar
    Liz Owens

    Is it possible to trigger a notification if a user adds an attachment? Thanks!

  • Avatar
    Brightidea Support

    Hi Liz,

    That is not possible in Brightidea right now. There is no email or functionality that can trigger email on idea attachment.

    Brightidea Support

  • Avatar

    Would it be posssible to upload files from alteryx, tableau and UiPath.
    These three programs have as an extension the following: .yxlc ; .slc ; .cylc; .alc; .gzlc; .rpa ; uipath; .twb; .twbx ; .tds ; .tdsx ; .tde ; .tbm.

  • Avatar

    Hi Luca,
    All approved file types are noted in this support article, if there is a file type that is not approved by Brightidea, please file a product request in our Public IdeaSpace.

    Our Engineering team will gladly review the requested file types and address as needed.

  • Avatar
    AJ Tate

    Any way this information can be made clear in the submission form page. It just says "Drag and drop" but doesn't specify types for normal users

  • Avatar

    Hi AJ,
    We currently do not have a way to specify file types on the Attachments field, however, feel free to submit your enhancement idea to our Public IdeaSpace (https://bi.brightidea.com/ideas).

  • Avatar
    AJ Tate

    Thank you !