Configuring Widgets within Brightidea


Most content on Initiative pages are displayed using various types of units called "Widgets". There are several widgets available, and they are used to display both static and dynamic content. Admins are able to modify individual pages by adding and deleting widgets, and arrange the layout by simply dragging and dropping widgets.

Here is a step by step on how to turn on widget setup mode in Enterprise and Initiative levels.  

Adding Widgets to your Brightidea Pages

Administrators will see a gear icon appear on the bottom-left on all pages.


Click on the gear icon, and turn Widget Editor on. Select any of the widgets available in the drop-down under 'Choose Widget,' then click on the '+' button:



The widget will then appear on the page.



Once added, Admins can drag any widget (by selecting and holding the title bar) to any area within the page. The administrator will see a blue line right before they drop the widget to alert you where the widget will go.  



After dropping the widget, Users will immediately be able to see the updated page.



Deleting Widgets

To delete any Widget, hover over it and select the trash can icon at the top right to remove it from the page. Once deleted, it will be reflected for all users.



Changing Widget Titles

On any Widget, hover and select the pencil icon to change the title and update text.



Administrators can make any updates needed in the title bar.


Click on the pencil icon again to save changes.



Hiding Titles in Widgets

To hide the title of your widget, hover over and click the middle checkmark icon. If it is a checkmark, the title will show. If it is an empty square, the title will be hidden.



Note: When Widget Editor is enabled, Admins will still be able to see the title, but End Users will not.



Once the Title of a Widget is hidden, Users and Administrators will not see the title when Widget Editor is disabled.


Using Label Edit Mode

Please see this article regarding label edit mode to make text changes of your Widgets.

Enterprise Widgets vs. Initiative Widgets

The Widgets on the Initiative level are respective to the activity placed within the confines of that Initiative.

Therefore, if only four people conducted activity with Site A, but not Site B, then those four peoples' activities (idea submissions, comments, votes) show up accordingly within Site A's statistics and widgets. Enterprise level widgets accounts for all activity of underlying Sites' marked Enterprise in their setup.

Some widgets exist on both levels (My Stats, Community Stats, Mini Top Contributors, etc.) 


Important Things to Note:

  • Here is a full guide that describes all widgets in both Enterprise & Site. Administrators can also search within the Widgets section in the Support Portal Knowledge Base.
  • Admins can achieve custom look-and-feel of widgets, including rounded edges, with a custom CSS design.  
  • Admins can copy widgets to other Sites via Copy Site feature or Create Pipeline/Site.
  • Administrators cannot add widgets to the Setup page or Post Idea pages.
  • If 'Widget Editor' is enabled for an administrator, any end users logged in at the same time will not see the options available for widget mode.
  • Administrators can add Javascript in text/html widgets to add to your Site. There is an option to disable Javascript in text/html widgets.
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