Everything You Need to Know About 'Widgets'!

 Everything You Need to Know About 'Widgets'! 

  • Most content on WebStorm pages are displayed using various types of units called "widgets"
  • There are scores of widgets available, and they are used to display both static and dynamic content.
  • The administrator is able to then modify individual pages by adding and deleting widgets, and arrange the layout by simply dragging and dropping widgets.
  • If 'Widget Setup Mode' is enabled for an administrator, any end users logged in at the same time will not see the options available for widget mode.
    •  No end users will retain their own ability to minimize/maximize the widgets for which this is possible. 
  • Navigate to WebStorm or Enterprise Setup --> Design --> Setup Mode / Widget Setup Mode
    • Enable and select "Save Changes"
    • Here is a step by step on how to turn on widget setup mode in Enterprise and WebStorm levels. 

Adding Widgets to your Brightidea Page

  • When turn on widget setup mode is enabled, administrators will see a dropdown list appear on the bottom right on all pages
  • Select any of the widgets available, then select "Add Widget"
  • It will appear on the bottom left of your page


  • Once added, administrator(s) can drag any widget (by selecting and holding the title bar) to any area within the page
  • The administrator will see a blue shadow right before they drop the widget to alert you where the widget will go.  

Deleting Widgets

  • To delete any widget, just select the "X" icon to remove it from the page
    • Once deleted, it will be reflected for all users 

Changing Widget Titles

  • On any widget, select the pencil icon to change the title and replace text


  • Select Pencil icon to save:


Hiding Titles in Widgets

  • To hide the title of your widget(s), just select the middle icon on the top of the widget in setup mode.
  • Once selected, the end user or administrators will not see the title of the widgets when widget setup mode is disabled.
    • If it has black on the top, that means the title will show.
    • If it is an empty square, the title will be hidden.

Using Label Edit Mode

  • Please see this article regarding label edit mode to make text changes of your widgets.
  • Please Note: If the administrator changes the text of 'Post Idea' to "Post Innovation" on the View Ideas page.  
    • If the administrator add the 'Post Idea' button on the Blog page, it will read "Post Innovation"
    • The options portion of the widgets are there by default.

Enterprise Widgets vs. WebStorm Widgets

  • The widgets on the WebStorm level are respective to the activity placed within the confines of that WebStorm.
    • Therefore, if only four people conducted activity with WebStorm A, but not WebStorm B, then those four peoples' activities (idea submissions, comments, votes) show up accordingly within WebStorm A's statistics and widgets. 
    • Enterprise level widgets accounts for all activity of underlying WebStorms' marked Enterprise in their setup.
  • Some widgets exist on both levels (My Stats, Community Stats, Mini Top Contributors, etc.) 

Important Things to Note:

  • Here is a full guide that describes all widgets in both Enterprise & WebStorm
    • Administrators can also search within the Widgets section in the Support Portal Knowledge Base
  • The administrator can achieve custom look-and-feel of widgets, including rounded edges, with a custom CSS design.  
  • The administrator can copy widgets to other WebStorms via Copy WebStorm feature or Create WebStorm Wizard
  • The main "View Ideas" widget can only be on the View Ideas page (ct_list.bix)
  • Administrators cannot add widgets to the Setup page
  • Administrators can add Javascript in your text/html widgets to add to your WebStorm.  There is an option to disable Javascript in text/html widgets  
  • If the administrator receives an "Operation Failed" after saving a widget - your system may have timed out
    • For this issue, if you see your new content and it "sticks" - conduct a simple page refresh and it should alleviate the error you are experiencing.
  • If the administrator changes the contents of a widget, the changes will be be universal across your WebStorm.
  • If the administrator needs to change reference URL's in widgets - we recommend re-uploading the document in your image library and updating the Image URL in your widgets via Widget Setup Mode
  • As an administrator, log into the Design Tab in either WebStorm or Enterprise Setup ---> Site ----> Design if you want to hide the minimize button on a widget.  
    • Add the following CSS:
    • widget_min_max {display: none;}
  • The easiest way to have links open hyperlinks in new window is using our Rich Text Widget on the page. 
    • Simply add the widget then edit.
    • Click pencil icon of widget to edit
    • Type in the name of your link (e.g. Google)
    • Highlight that text
    • Click the “chain” icon in the widget (that symbolizes a “link”)
    • Add the URL
    • Select the Target (in your case, “Open in new window”)
    • Do this for all of your links.  The widget allows changing font-sizes, and you can place those links in a Table instead for better spacing flexibility.





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