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The Rich Text/HTML widget, like the Text/HTML widget, allows administrators and moderators to add custom widgets to their system and initiative home pages. However, the Rich Text/HTML widget also allows for easy text formatting, as well as supporting images, video, embedded links, and other content.


With the Winter 2022 Release, both the legacy Rich Text/HTML widget, as well as the updated Rich Text/HTML widget introduced in the Summer 2022 Release (now labeled "Rich Text/HTML 2.0") are available to use to customize your pages.


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Adding the Rich Text/HTML Widget (NEW)

With the Summer 2022 Release, we introduced an updated version of the Rich Text/HTML widget. As some users preferred the legacy widget, we've now made both available from the Widget dropdown ("Rich Text/HTML" and "Rich Text/HTML 2.0"). You can now choose which widget to use that will best fit your site and system's design.


If you prefer to only use the legacy widget, you can also disable the Rich Text/HTML widget entirely from System Setup > Beta > Rich Text/HTML Widget 2.0.


Text Formatting

The Rich Text/HTML widget allows for the following text formatting:

  • Bold
  • Italic
  • Underline
  • Bulleted and numbered lists
  • Text alignment
  • Text height
  • Font color
  • Font size


Links, Images, Videos, and Tables

The Rich Text/HTML supports uploading and embedding of the following assets:

  • Embedded links
  • Images
  • Videos
    • Video embed supports YouTube, Vimeo, or Microsoft Stream
    • Note: Private videos may require logging in to the relevant host platform in order to view
  • Tables


HTML Editing

To allow for even greater customization, administrators can edit the HTML content for the widget directly.


Selecting the “<>” button from the toolbar will switch to HTML edit mode. Once complete, selecting the “<>” button or saving changes will close the HTML edit mode.


Widget Preview

Edits to the Rich Text/HTML widget can now be previewed before saving, allowing administrators to customize their widgets before making them visible to other users. To preview edits to the widget, select the “Preview Changes” button.


This will turn the widget to preview mode, which will also include additional styling by any Custom CSS added to the initiative.


To exit preview mode, select the “Return to Editor” button. If you do not wish to save the edits to your Rich Text/HTML widget, selecting “Cancel” will close the editor and return the content to the last saved state.


Important Notes

  • Custom CSS at both the system- and initiative-level can overwrite the content in this widget
    • In this case, custom CSS may need to be updated, depending on the specific design requirements necessary for your system or initiative
    • Learn more about custom CSS here
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  • Avatar
    Lisa Diecks

    Can you please explain the different settings when we click on the features in the editor? For example, the video, photo and table options have general, appearance and advanced tabs, with many different fields available to customize. Can you explain these field settings or provide a link to instructions for this widget?

  • Avatar

    Hi Lisa,

    Many of the settings within the Rich Text Editor are basic formatting options (similar to MS Word).

    Unfortunately, we do not have articles that detail the various options in the editor. If you have specific questions about any of the options, please reach out to your Professional Services team for assistance.

    Daniel He
    Brightidea Support