How do I change the redirect when I login into my WebStorm?


How do I change the redirect when I login into my WebStorm?


  • As an administrator- Navigate to: WebStorm Setup --> Site --> Components
  • Under the site babysitter text box, there is a choice for: "After Login Page" Dropdown...change it to either: 
    • Home Page 
    • Recent Idea List Page 
    • News Blog Page
  • Save Changes! 
  • There are a few aspects to this option:
    • If a user had typed or clicked a URL that points directly to an idea or a specific page, that "target URL" overrides the setting of the After-Login option.
    • If you change the After-Login setting, and also use a vanity URL with your WebStorm, you should reset the vanity URL by saving a temporary URL (e.g. "") and then then re-saving the correct vanity URL (e.g. "").
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    Damian Dugdale

    We created a workaround if anyone is interested to redirect to the post idea page from the home page as we wanted everything on one page with one less click.

    Add this code to your HTML footer and change the URL (we're using - it's from the homepage though, so above after login, make sure you are redirecting to the homepage:



    if ($("#bi-page-s").length) {





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    Luca Volterrani

    Hi all,
    is this workaround still working? this would be extremely useful
    Anyone who knows?



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    Damian Dugdale

    Hi Luca

    It still works .. just make sure that in Site / Components .. you are redirecting to homepage and NOT responsive homepage.