Everything You Need to Know about 'Invite a Friend'!

With the set of an option, the adminstrator can have their users invite outside users to their Brightidea WebStorm.  To configure it - follow these steps:

  • First, navigate to WebStorm Setup --> Site --> Security
  • Select "Users Can Invite New Users"   Select Save Changes
  • On any page in the WebStorm, the administrator can add the "Invite a Friend" widget.
  • There the administrator can send an invite for someone to come to their WebStorm!





  • Make sure widget setup mode is disabled to have the widget work correctly
  • If the administrator enables certain domains in setup for registration, the "Invite a Friend" widget functionality respects domains that are selected. 
  • If a user invites a user outside of the allotted domains, no email will be sent.
  • A user can receive points for inviting others, and for having those invited registering - see this article around reputation points.
  • The email template related to this is under WebStorm Setup ---> Site --> System Email Messages ---> Invitation Request
    • This is also available on the Enterprise level.
  • 'Invite a Friend' registrations will NOT log in the Registration invites log section.  
    • Only standard registration invites conducted out of the setup screen will display those logs.
  • The WebStorm level "User Activity" report will include how many invited attempts each user has conducted
  • Invite a Friend respects domain restriction for the WebStorm The user will receive an update if they try to invite a user outside their domain restriction:
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    Damian Dugdale

    If a user invites someone that has already 'checked in' .. do the points get awarded when they next check in or because they are already in, nothing is awarded?

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    If the user is already registered, they can't be invited using the functionality described here. This means no further points will be allocated.

    Brightidea Support