Everything You Need to Know about 'Registration Invites'!


Everything You Need to Know about 'Registration Invites'!


Brightidea gives the administrator the option to create a more personalized experience with inviting users into your WebStorm.  The administrator can send a personalized email and communication to select amount of users to promote registration of your WebStorm. 


Sending the Invitation

  • To get started with registration invites, navigate to WebStorm Setup --> Users --> Registration Invites
  • Once there, to get started - the administrator selects "Create New Registration Email"
  • The administrator would then enter attributes for their registration invite:
    • Invite Subject Line 
    • Send From email - This will be the email that the invite is sent from.
    • Send To:
    • Group - This will automatically put this user into this group once they register.
    • Invite Body:
  • Select "Send Invites" when finished.
  • If the administrator is using Registration Invite, they can see a queue of who has registered and who has not registered:
  • The administrator can resend the invitation by selecting "Resend"


  • The administrator can view any existing registration invites by selecting "View" in the main window of the registration invites
  • The administrator can delete any test or pre-existing registration invites by selecting "Delete" in the main window of the registration invites tab


  • Under: WebStorm Setup --> Users --> Registration Invites --> Select "Recipients" you can see who has been invited altogether, as well as who has registered and who has not registered.  
  • The administrator can also refer to the User Activity and Login History reports to see further last login date.

Bulk Uploading for Invite

  • If the administrator wants to invite more than 5 people, he/she will need to "import" users into the system to set registration invites for all respective users.
  • To do this, he/she must select the "Import Users" after they fill out all registration invite information:
  • The administrator will need to populate the CSV file with email addressess and screen names.
  • See example .csv file below
  • Once the template is updated and uploaded - it can be imported into Brightidea by selecting "Choose File"
  • Once imported, the system will put everyone in the left side box - the administrator will move all necessary users (if not all users) to the right hand side to add them to the registration invite
  • Select "Send Invites" when finished!

After Invitation is sent

  • The following is added to the bottom of the registration invite when sent:
  • There is no email template for Registration invites - it must be built manually.
  • If the administrator sends a registration invitation to a user who already was sent an invitation or already registered, it will not send the email to that user.
  • The administrator can set an expiration date on your invitation - see this article for more information
  • Administrators can limit the time limit into when a user can register for a WebStorm once after the registration email has been sent.
    • Navigate to : WebStorm Setup --> Site ---> Security and you can enter in the amount of hours the email can expire after sending.
  • The administrator can add the following to your CSS or Banner HTML to hide this tab completely:
    • #register_content {visibility: hidden; display: none;}
  • Registration invites are only available on the WebStorm level.
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