How do I setup 'domain restriction' in my Brightidea system?

Leveraging domain restriction in your Brightidea system allows administrators to secure their audience very easily using email address domain.

  • The administrator can easily secure registrations and logins for their select organization
  • This can be done on both the WebStorm and Enterprise levels, please refer to the following to get started:

On Enterprise Level

  • System administrators can leverage domain restriction right within Enterprise Setup
  • To get started navigate to: Enterprise Setup ---> Site ---> Registration
  • Next, select the checkbox that says "Restrict Self - Registration by Email Domain"
  • Then, the administrator can add the select domains of which email domains have access to their Enterprise:
  • Once this is set, users within these email domains can:
  • If the users domain is not in this list, they will not be able to login successfully. 

On WebStorm Level

  • The same rules apply for the WebStorm level.  To set up domain restriction on the WebStorm level - navigate to WebStorm Setup ---> Site ---> Registration
  • The system or WebStorm administrator can add any email domains on the WebStorm level.
  • This restriction applies for both direct WebStorm login, and for any hyperlinks to the WebStorm - from the Enterprise level.

Important Things to Note:

  • The administrator can add as many domains as needed.
  • Please be careful for locking yourself out!  
    • If there is an issue where the administrator does not put a domain restriction in correctly and one locks themselves out of the WebStorm - contact Brightidea Support via our Support Portal
  • Also be aware if the administrator variate the restrictions on the WebStorm level vs. the Enterprise level
    • If User A is under Domain A, which is set to WebStorm A, but not the Enterprise level, the user will see hyperlinks to that WebStorm on the Enterprise level, and will not be able to access successfully - they will get logged out if they try to access
  • If the administrator domain restricts WebStorm A with Domain A - then User A logs in successfully 
    • If the administrator then replaces Domain A with Domain B - then User A will not be able to login after the change is made.
  • Domain restriction respects both public and private WebStorms
  • Domains cannot be imported unfortunately
  • There is no way to override domain restriction.
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