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Brightidea Subscription options offers great flexibility for all Users to be in the know about any idea, initiative, category at anytime, anywhere.  To set up for end users is very simple, let's see what we have :) 

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Subscribing to an Initiative

As a user, you can subscribe to receive updates on Submission(s).

  • To get started, go to View Idea page, by selecting an idea from the “Idea List” or "Activity Feed".
    • On the View Idea page, you will see a green subscribe button on the right-top corner of the page.
    • If you've already subscribed to this idea, this button will then say unsubscribe
    • After you subscribe to an idea, you will receive an email every time someone comments on the idea, or if the idea is updated. 
    • If you subscribe to an idea category, you will receive updates about future ideas submitted into that category.

Subscribing to a Submission/Category

Getting Started - Enabling the option

  • To enable Submission and/or Category Subscription, the administrator must make sure the option is enabled first in WebStorm Setup:
    • Site Setup > Ideas > Ideas > Category and Idea Subscription 

Subscription Options


  • If the user subscribes to an idea, the user will receive an email when:
    • Status of the idea is changed
    • A comment is made on the idea
    • A comment is edited on the idea
    • WebStorm of the idea is changed
  • If a user subscribes to a category, the user will receive an email when:
    • New idea has been submitted to that category - will trigger the 'New Idea Category Alert' template
    • New comments to ideas under a category. - will trigger the 'New Comment on Subscribed Idea' template
  • The user can subscribe to idea/category alerts by clicking on the "Envelope" icon on the idea page.
  • The user can easily revert  their subscription by un-checking the selection on the idea page

Additional Subscribe Options


  • Enable site babysitter so user can be cc'd on all emails being sent out from the system


Subscribe through Mobile App

Our Mobile App allows for easy subscription to Initiative's by clicking on the Subscribe to Activity button in the center of the Initiative Homepage



Following Users

  • Follow all users so their activity reflects in the Updates feed (no email triggers)


Rules Engine

  • If the administrator wants to be automatically notified based on specific conditions, they can setup an rule to trigger to be notified.
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  • Avatar
    Andre St-Martin

    image enclosed shows the choices offered

  • Avatar
    Anthony Madama

    Thanks for the addition andre!

  • Avatar
    Simplez ADM

    A user can subscribe to categories?

  • Avatar
    Simplez ADM

    "You can subscribe to idea/category alerts by clicking on the "Envelope" icon on the idea page." Just like that?

  • Avatar
    Anthony Madama

    Hello - 

    Yes - the user can subscribe to the category right on the idea page.



    Brightidea Support

  • Avatar
    Vicky Sell

    Can a user subscribe to a chosen category by any other means? 

    Specifically, can a user subscribe to a category before any ideas have been submitted into that category?

  • Avatar
    Anthony Madama

    Hi Vicky - the end user can only subscribe from the dropdown shown above on the idea list.  However, you can (as an administrator) setup the user prior to any ideas coming in through the "Category Alert" feature - which can be found here:

    Hope this helps, thank you!



  • Avatar
    Vicky Sell

    Thanks Anthony, this is exactly what I was looking for!


    You've been very helpful! :-)

  • Avatar
    Stephanie Hegarty

    say for example, an end user wanted to be notified to any new idea across any challenge, how would one go about doing that? I was thinking to view all ideas on the enterprise level and save the filtered view for him to visit, but is there a way to have an email triggered with any new ideas added to that view?

  • Avatar

    Hi Stephanie,

    The only way would be if that user manually subscribed to each category across the campaigns or subscribed to the campaign itself.

    The list itself has no functionality to trigger emails based on updates.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions here.

    Brightidea Support

  • Avatar
    Rob Poole


    Is there a way to unsubscribe another user from a category? We have a team member out on maternity leave and everything that comes into a category she subscribed to goes to her cover person. I feel like we used to be able to go in the back end and see who was subscribed in the category list under "Alert"? Not sure if there's any way to do this currently.

  • Avatar

    Hi Rob,

    Unfortunately, there is no way to unsubscribe another user from a category at this time. It was not something that was available perviously either.

    Let me know if you have any other questions on this topic.


    Brightidea Support
    Ron Orlovetskiy

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