DNS / SPF configuration requirements for Brightidea generated emails (White-Listing)


All Brightidea System generated emails originate from smtp01.brightidea.com ( & smtp02.brightidea.com ( Customer-side e-mail administrators should ‘whitelist’ our mail server host name (smtp01.brightidea.com & smtp02.brightidea.com) according to their specific anti-spam solution.

By ‘whitelist’, we are referring to the list of known-good host names and/or IP addresses permitted through the Anti-Spam filter

For Brightidea sites on the European Data Center, emails originate from "smtp.eu.brightidea.com", this is the domain that should be used for whitelisting purposes.

Additionally, Client-side DNS administrators can modify/create a SPF record in their domain’s DNS zone.

  • By adding the following to your domain’s SPF record: include:brightidea.com   or  a:smtp.brightidea.com , a:smtp01.brightidea.com , a:smtp02.brightidea.com - you are specifying that Brightidea’s mail server is capable of sending legitimate mail for your domain. 
  • This is used by other mail servers and spam filters to verify that the mail being received from xyz.com domain is authorized to be sent out from xyz.com domain.


  • We do not recommend using any IP addresses for DNS / White-Listing purposes as those can change  dynamically in the future and are outside of our control.
  • The information in this article is typically only required if your Brightidea site is using a custom contact address with a non-Brightidea domain (e.g. ideas@company.com). 
    • If your Enterprise/Pipeline contact address is utilizing our standard domain (e.g. ideas@brightidea.com), no DNS/SPF changes are needed on your side. 
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    FYI - our email security contact also mentioned they needed to whitelist this address: