Voting on Submissions

End-Users can engage with Submissions by voting on the ones they like. These Voting options can be configured by Admins under Site Setup > Ideas > Voting of the Initiative they are working in. Let's check out these options in more detail below.



As of Winter 2020, we have released a new Simple Voting Buttons. You can enable the new UI in your existing initiatives in the voting tab "New Voting Buttons".



There are three different Voting types that Admins can choose from - Simple Voting, Restrictive Voting, and Chips Voting. Depending on how you want to configure your Initiative, each of these Voting options offer different experiences for your Users.

Simple Voting

Simple Voting allows Users to up-vote any idea they feel is worth promoting. With this option chosen, Users will see a Voting icon overlaying the Idea image in the top-left of the View Idea page.


This allows Users to provide one vote onto the Submission, indicating they support this idea. This option can also be paired with the Demote Voting option which can be enabled within the same Setup page. Note: Demoting a Submission only removes a point from the Submission, not from the Submitter or Submission Team.


Restrictive Voting

Restrictive Voting limits the number of Votes for each User to one per Initiative. Each User will only have one Vote they can apply to only one Submission.

If a User navigates to another Submission within the Initiative and up-votes it, the Vote will be removed from the first Submission and applied to the second Submission.                                       

Chips Voting

Admins an enable the Chips Voting option which provides a different experience than Simple Voting. If Simple Voting was previously enabled, any votes that were given will not carry over onto Chips Voting. Each Submission will start at "0" if this is enabled. 

With Chips Voting enabled, Admins will set a number of "chips" that each User is allotted, and set the number of "chips" that each User can give to a Submission. Admins can also set the option to return all "chips" once a Submission reaches a certain Status.

For more information on Chips Voting, see our full article here.


Additional Voting options

Promote Reason / Demote Reason

Admins can enable the option(s) Promote Reason or Demote Reason on the Voting Setup page. This will require all Users to provide a reason why they are promoting or demoting a Submission. A pop-up box will appear when a User chooses promote/demote.


After a User provides a reason for their vote, these reasons can be viewed within the Votes tab on the View idea page.


Auto-promote on Submission

The option "Submitter auto-promote on Submission" will automatically provide a vote to their own Submission after it is created.

Changing the Voting icons using CSS

CSS code snippets can be applied to custom CSS to change the new voting UI icons on Idea Cards (Idea Boards) and View idea.

// Thin arrow
.f-card-voting .f-vote-arrow-container .f-view-idea-up-vote .fas:before {
content: "\F062";
.f-card-voting .f-vote-arrow-container .f-view-idea-down-vote .fas:before {
content: "\F063";

// Thumbs
.f-card-voting .f-vote-arrow-container .f-view-idea-up-vote .fas:before {
content: "\F164";
.f-card-voting .f-vote-arrow-container .f-view-idea-down-vote .fas:before {
content: "\F165";

// Hearts
.f-card-voting .f-vote-arrow-container .f-view-idea-up-vote .fas:before {
content: "\F004";
.f-card-voting .f-vote-arrow-container .f-view-idea-down-vote .fas:before {
content: "\F7a9";

// Plus Minus
.f-card-voting .f-vote-arrow-container .f-view-idea-up-vote .fas:before {
content: "\F067";
.f-card-voting .f-vote-arrow-container .f-view-idea-down-vote .fas:before {
content: "\F068";

Important Things to Note:

  • Admins cannot transfer votes from one idea to another.  
  • Having additional rounds of voting is not supported. A workaround to consider is moving ideas to other Initiatives and initiating voting there.
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  • Avatar
    Bhattacharya, Jaideep

    Hi - If you have Chips Voting, can you still the "Demote" function active ?

    I have the chips voting features switched on but I notice. i cannot "Demote" an idea any longer.



  • Avatar

    Hi Jaideep,

    There is no 'demote' with chip voting, users can only add chips to the ideas.

    Thank you,

    Brightidea Support

  • Avatar
    Steve Domeck

    How can you hide the total amount of chips voted for an idea? I do not want to influence the community with the "mob effect" on an idea with a lot of votes

  • Avatar
    Walling Almonte

    Kindly explain demote voting further. We do not have demote voting enabled, but a user can still change their vote and that appears to remove the point as well.