How do I reset or create a password for a user as an administrator?


How do I reset or create a password for a user as an administrator?


In Brightidea, you as an administrator have two options to set a users' password.  

The following can be done in both WebStorm and Enterprise setup:

Option 1) Create a new account entirely as Administrator

    • Navigate to Setup --> Users --> Manage and select "New Account"
      • Enter in "Login Name" & "Email" and select "Create"
        • A new user will need to set their password once they get an email notification to login.


Option 2) Triggering a password reset as Administrator

    • Navigate to WebStorm or Enterprise Setup --> Users --> Manage  
      • Search for a user and select their name.  
        • Once you get into the user menu, you can trigger a password reset email to your user by selecting "Reset Password"
      • It will trigger an email to the user to reset their password.

Resetting Password as the End User

  • Alternatively, the end user(s) can always perform a password reset themselves.
    • If they forget their password, they have the option to click "forgot password?" from the Brightidea login screen:


    • This will send an email asking them to change their password 


    • Once the password has been successfully changed - it will log them in automatically.
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