Promote/Demote a Submission

A user can promote/demote a Submission by going into the Initiative/Site and selecting any Submission from the Idea Boards page.

    • On the View Idea page there is an option to "Promote" or "Demote" a Submission on the Idea image. 
    • *Note: "Demote" is an option, and can be disabled by your Initiative/Site or System administrator.
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    Walling Almonte

    This page should have more information on the impact of promoting and demoting an idea in other areas. For instance, how do these actions change the values in related places such as the points, votes, and rank fields and the Votes tab. We are left to assume that promoting/demoting for fields increases/decreases the value of these fields and for the tab would list your name in the appropriate section. For example, if I demote and promote, does it remove my name from the Demotes section and add me to the Promotes section?

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