Editing Submissions

The Submission Edit feature is built to make sure your ideas display the correct information at all times. Let's run through all the information Admins and Submitters should know!


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Getting Started

Within any Initiative, Admins and Submitters have the ability to edit Submissions that need updating. Each Initiative can configure different Editing options by navigating to Site Setup > Ideas > Ideas and locating the Edit Idea Options.


Allow Submission Editing: This allows who is able to make edits to Submission once it is created. If the option "Admin Only" is chosen, only Admins can make changes to any Submissions at any time.

If the option "Idea Submitter" is chosen, the additional option directly below must also be configured: Anytime, Before first Action, and 30 Minutes after Submission.

Submitter can change status: This allows the Submitter access to change the Status at any time. We recommend to keep this option disabled if your Rules Engine will trigger when Statuses change, otherwise the Submitter may trigger an unexpected event.

View Submission 2.0

Navigating to any View Submission 2.0, Admins and/or Submitters can edit a Submission with In-Line Editing.

In-Line Editing

If a User wishes to make Edits without leaving the View Submission page, they can use In-Line Editing to make their changes. In-Line Editing allows the user to edit directly on the submission page.

In-Line Editing: Title

The title can be edited by clicking on the pencil icon next to the Title. Once a new Title is applied, click the "check mark" icon to save. Clicking the "x" icon will remove any changes and revert back to the previous Title.


In-Line Editing: Description

The Description field can be edited by clicking the pencil icon next to the content. It will prompt a text box to edit the description.


In-Line Editing: Category

Admins/Submitters can change the Category by selecting the pencil icon next to the category name.


Users will then see a pop-up box to select the new Category for the Submission. To save click "Change Category".


In-Line Editing: Submitter

Admins/Submitters can change the Submitter by selecting the pencil icon next to the submitter name.


When selected the administrator will be prompted to add another submitter or pick a new one. When finished click "Save Changes". In the instance where a Submission is assigned to a Team, the option to change the main Submitter to a different Team Member will also be available by simply selecting the light-bulb icon on another User.


In-Line Editing: Status

Admins can change the Status by selecting the pencil icon next to the Status name.


When selected the administrator will be prompted to pick a new status from the dropdown menu. There is also the option to include a status change reason. It can be included in an email and/or posted as a comment. When finished click "Change Status."

Note: The option "Submitter can change status" must be enabled under Site Setup > Ideas in order for the Submitter to have access to this option.


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  • Avatar
    Kathy Ternes

    Is there a way to edit or add the Submitter after the idea has been submitted? 

  • Avatar
    Michelle Fairbanks

    Hi Kathy,  an idea cannot be submitted without a submitter, but the Administrator can indeed Change Idea Submitter,

    • either in the front end on the View Idea 2.0 page by hovering to the right of the submitter's name.
  • Avatar
    Michelle Fairbanks

    (oops, it posted my comment before i finished..)



  • Avatar
    April Cason

    Hi there, the submitter doesn't seem to have access to change the idea after submission the "edit" buttons only show up for the administrator. How does the submitter have the ability to "edit" the idea after submission?

  • Avatar
    Dileepan Moorkanat

    Can you allow team members other than idea submitted to edit the development fileds ina hackathon. How do you set it ?

  • Avatar

    Dileepan - Development fields can only be edited through the Action Item itself. This means that only Evaluators that have been assigned the Action Item, and any Admin that can access the Action Item can make edits at this time.

  • Avatar
    Victor Camilo

    Can the status of the submission be edited by anyone other than the submitter and Admin?

    In the REVIEW Tool Type, the assigned person (idea evaluators) can edit the status. Is there another way for assignees/ idea evaluators to edit the idea status? I understand we can set up rules that take a completed task from a tool type, to change the status. But we are looking for any idea evaluators to change the status at any time, simplifying the process as the idea evaluators find it hard to return to the action item and update the idea w/out the action manager task.