Everything You Need to Know about 'Additional Info Fields' and 'Admin Tags'!

Brightidea is excited to announce the release of our 'Additional Info Fields' feature!  This feature will allow our Innovation Program Managers / Administrators to add and answer admin extra fields/questions on ideas. We hope this new addition will give further flexibility & customization to each customers' innovation program.  Admin fields are visible and can only be edited by administrators.



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Getting Started - Adding Additional Info Fields:

  • First, navigate to Site Setup > Ideas > Additional Info


  • 'Additional Info' provides the ability to add three different question/answer types:
    • Single Choice (Dropdown)
    • Short Answer
    • Long Answer
    • Checkbox


  •  Select one of the questions types above to add
    • Once the 'info' is added, the administrator can configure the question and answer choice.
    • Select 'Add Field'
    • Then, the administrator can select type, any applicable answers, etc.


  • Once the appropriate question/answer choices are added, select "Save Additional Info Fields" to complete the info fields configuration.
  • The admin can add as many fields as needed.

Working with 'Additional Info Fields'

  • Navigate to any idea in the Site where admin fields have been configured.
  • On the idea page, click on the "Additional Info" tab:


  • Within this tab, the Site or System administrator has the ability to answer the configured admin fields
  • Admin fields answers will automatically save once an answer has been made

Managing 'Admin Tags'

  • The administrator can add also leverage admin 'tags' that allow system or Site administrators to categorize and classify ideas.
    • Admins can determine if there are duplicate / similar / complementary idea, classify the idea to make it easier to find in the future
    • Administrators can also group ideas together to form a complete concept
  • The administrator can select any idea(s) to add admin 'tags' for in View Idea 2.0, Pipeline, or Site Admin

View Idea 2.0


  • To input an admin tag on the View Idea 2.0 page, type the tag with an "!" in the beginning, e.g. !admintag
    • The admin tags are listed with the regular tags on the page 


  • In both Step View and List View the administrator can select an idea and either right click or select Actions > Add Tag.


  • Once selected the administrator will be prompted to add tags in the pop up box


  • When finished click "Save Admin Tags"
  • Once selected, the administrator can add as many labels as they wish:
  • These newly entered 'Admin tags' will be reflected in the 'Admin tags' section of the idea
  • This way, the Site or system administrator can see these tags right within the idea.

Important Things to Note!

  • Additional Info fields & admin tags are not seen by end users, only administrators. 
    • This allows administrator to add any tags which might be too sensitive to display to end users or irrelevant for end users.
  • When adding a new admin tag, it will automatically auto-suggest tag based on existing admin tags. 
  • No emails are triggered based on admin tags or additional info fields
  • Additional Info fields can be exported using the Enhanced Idea List view in the 'Manage Pipeline' area.
    • Simply add the configured 'Additional Info' field(s) to the list view using the gear menu and export using the green Excel icon.
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    Can an admin tag be pulled from the platform using the new API? As in does tag_id represent admin tags also?

  • Avatar

    Hi Damian,

    I don't believe that is possible because the admin tags are stored differently than regular tags. Meaning, unless a specific API is developed which pulls admin tags, the regular idea API will not retrieve it.

    Please let me know if there is anything else on this topic.

    Thank you,

    Brightidea Support

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    Damian Dugdale

    Can additional info fields be managed by moderators as well as administrators?