Idea Boards 2.0

The 'Idea Boards 2.0' feature will allow your End Users to easily flow and scan ideas in our intuitive format! Keep in mind, this is our legacy board. If you want to learn more about our updated board interface, see Idea Boards 3.0. Let's see all the details below on Idea Boards 2.0.



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Getting Started / To Install:

To enable, navigate to Site Setup > Ideas > Idea Boards. Once there, select 'Idea Boards 2.0'



This can be enabled individually on all Initiative(s) - so if Admins wish to exclude certain Initiatives from this format, they can do so.

Administrators can also toggle on/off afterwards to revert back to the previous idea layout. Brightidea will save all pre-existing widgets and formatting on the previous idea list. Once this is enabled, the idea list page will be replaced with this format.

PLEASE NOTE IF YOU HAVE CUSTOM CSS IN YOUR INITIATIVE - we recommend to test this feature in a Sandbox Initiative first with any branding to confirm it formats correctly. If Admins have questions on this, please submit a ticket to us in our Support Portal for further assistance.

Setting Up Default Idea Image

Prior to rolling out to End Users, Admins can set a default image if the idea Submitter wishes to opt out of selecting their own specific idea image to be displayed on the Idea Board.

To set this up, the administrator navigates to Site Setup > Ideas > Ideas. Once there, Admins will see a section named 'Idea Image' section. Admins can select a default idea image by either dragging or dropping an image file into the gray window or selecting the window to upload.



Once an image is dropped or selected, Admins must crop a square size image from the image uploaded. They then will drag the square around the image and select 'Save'




Now Admins will see the default idea image. 



Select 'Save Changes'! Please note that at this time the default idea image can only be either JPEG, GIF or PNG files.

Admins can edit this image at any time to update the default idea image for those ideas that neglected to choose their own.

Please note, administrators have the option of defaulting to category images instead of idea images. Read more about that option, here!

Submitting Ideas with New Idea Image

Once setup, all Users (End Users and Administrators) will see the exact process:

The idea submitter can choose to default to the idea image or choose their own image for their idea. The idea submitter can then drag or upload their image file, crop it, and submit it with their idea. Note: The minimum image size is 300x300px.


"Idea Board" Layout

There are two layouts the user can select from with this new feature.  The first is the 'Idea Board' layout which is the default selection and is noted by the four square top left icon.


Viewing / Voting / Favoriting Ideas

As ideas are submitted, all users can experience a more fluid experience by scrolling and scanning each idea. Users can hover over the idea image to: Select the idea and/or Vote for the idea / Clear vote for the idea



Our 'Idea Board' accommodates all voting methods - (i.e.: Normal, Restrictive, & Chips). This unfortunately cannot be conducted within the idea board itself. Refer to this article to learn more about our available voting methods.

Users can also select to 'favorite' an idea by selecting the bottom right star icon. These favorited idea(s)  will appear in the users 'Favorited' sort tab above.  User can also 'unfavorite' if he/she chooses to.


"Idea List" Layout

The second of the two layout selection is the 'Idea List' view.  It is noted by the three horizontal lines icon in the top left.

Viewing / Voting / Favoriting Ideas

The 'Idea List' format works almost exactly the same as the 'Idea Board' view, which the user can hover to select ideas and vote on idea(s). The star icon to 'favorite' an idea is shown on the far right of the idea. User can also 'unfavorite' if they choose.

Subscribe to Ideas

One bonus of the 'Idea List' view is that the user can subscribe to the idea by selecting 'Subscribe' on the far right in green. To learn more about what idea subscription entails, refer to this article.



Subscribe to Idea Tags

In the 'Idea List' view, the user can easily subscribe to individual idea tags by hovering over any tag and selecting 'subscribe'. The number on the right (in the pop-up) refers to how many subscribers there are for that individual tag. If you wish to learn more around tag subscription or 'following' tags, please refer to this article.


Filtering Your 'Idea Board' or 'Idea List'

Within the Idea Board, or list, the user has options to customize their view in various ways.  Here below, we'll review the current possibilities that the user can take advantage of.

Sort Tabs

In both the 'Board View' & 'Idea List' formats, users will notice six 'sort tabs' laying across the top of the idea board horizontally. The user can select any of these sort tabs to quickly filter their idea board.


The user can leverage any of the following sort tabs. We recommend that Admins understand the formulas for Ideas that display as they are different for Administrator and Users.

Admin Formula = # of Promotes + # of Demotes + # of Admin Comments

End User Formula = # of Promotes + # of Demotes + # of Comments

Below are the additional filters that Users can select to organize their Idea Board view.

  • Random  = Random assortment of ideas
  • Recent = Filters ideas most recently submitted, most recent starting at the top going left to right
  • Active = Ideas filtered by number of views first and then counts number of comments and then votes.
  • Votes = Sorts ideas by the highest voted, descending.
  • Favorited = Sorts ideas that user selects to 'favorite'
  • My Votes = Sorts ideas that the user has voted on 

Advanced Filtering

All users now have the option within the 'Idea Board' or 'Idea List' view to conduct advanced filtering among the ideas within the Initiative. Users must select the filter icon on the top right of the idea board or list.

Once there the users can choose as many different pre-selectors to filter out ideas based on:

  • Idea Category
  • Idea Status
  • Idea Tags

Users can create their own unique combinations of filters to see which idea(s) meet their criteria. In the below example screenshot, the user selects three tags to see which idea(s) have those tags.

Note: the advanced filtering respects merged and hidden ideas from end users. Admins will be able to see all ideas regardless.

The user will notice a count of number of ideas that meets those requirements against the total amount of available ideas in that Initiative. Once the user selects their requirements, they select 'Apply Filters' below in green.



Once selected, all idea(s) will be presented to the user to go through. The user is able to reset their filter by selecting the 'Reset Filters' on the bottom right.



Engaging with other Innovators

Hovering over any idea board, the user can view the idea submitter, their profile picture, and option to view their profile or send a direct message! Users can also conduct the same in the 'Idea List' layout as well.


Important Things to Note!

  • All users will notice a bottom "Up" arrow on the far bottom right corner to jump back to the top of the idea board or list.




  • The Idea Board is only available on the Initiative level only at this time
  • Idea Boards works with Public Sites, if applicable.
  • Administrators cannot add other widget(s) to the idea board page.
  • Team Submission is accommodated in Idea Boards, when hovering over team, the user can see all team members who submitted the idea:



  • CSS customization CAN be applied via Site Setup > Site > Design. Any person that has knowledge of CSS can change styles in the custom CSS area in the design tab.
  • The 'Idea Board' cannot be label edited at this time.
  • Posting ideas cannot be done from this page, it must be included elsewhere (on another page or top navigation, or other)
  • Admin cannot change status, hide idea, in idea board view
  • End user or admin cannot subscribe to category in idea board view.
  • Idea images cannot be edited via inline editing. More info on inline editing here.
  • Only idea images will show in the idea board, not idea attachments.
  • 'Idea Board' does support foreign characters in statuses, categories, and tags within 'Advanced Filtering'
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  • Avatar
    Rob Poole

    "The Idea Board is only available on the WebStorm level only at this time". For us with the volume of ideas we receive, having these only available inside webstorms is not feasible. Especially if we use images for each and every idea - it would put a massive space crunch on servers in no time. But on the flip side, at the top level, if we could use the Pinterest/Idea Board view on the front end to lead people into specific challenges that would be very effective for us to convey the differences in the challenges to our users. We definitely could use that functionality so here's hoping it's built in relatively soon.

  • Avatar
    Anthony Madama

    Thanks Rob -

    I will pass your comments to our Product team so they are aware.  I believe Enterprise level is planned for later development... Thank you!



    Brightidea Support

  • Avatar
    McIntyre, Lena

    I second this recommendation!  Great idea Rob!

  • Avatar

    Looking forward for Idea Board on Enterprise level!

  • Avatar
    Thomas Tomacci

    Looking forward to using the Idea Board on the Enterprise level as well.

  • Avatar
    Nicholas Selk

    Can we change the default filter from Random? 

  • Avatar
    Bhattacharya, Jaideep


    Attached image was the idea layout prior to the concept of Idea Boards per my understanding.

    Is it possible to get my webstorm to get back to this layout when users select the "Ideas" tab.

    While the concept of idea boards is great, the format in the attached allows for quick "scrolling throw" of all the ideas in a more effecient manner.

    With idea boards, seems like the user has to select each individual idea for details

  • Avatar
    Bhattacharya, Jaideep

    typo below..i meant "scrolling through" below

  • Avatar
    Bhattacharya, Jaideep


    Is there any way i can make updates to the IdeaBoard design.

    I woud like the default view to be

    • List View

    I would like to get rid of the following image views options (on top)

    • Recent

    • Favorited

    Also i would like to hide the advanced filtering options for this webstorm.

    Please let me know if this is posible.



  • Avatar
    Bhattacharya, Jaideep

    Hi - Just wanted to follow up on my last two comments ( latest).

    If you may have any questions, feel free to reach out to me via email :)



  • Avatar
    Brightidea Support

    Hello  Jaideep.

    Unfortunately, it's not possible to make those changes to the Ideaboards page, the page does not support any modifications to its functionality. You can disable IdeaBoards in the WebStorm beta tab if desired.

    Thank you,

    Brightidea Support

  • Avatar
    Bhattacharya, Jaideep

    Could you please share the link that goes over the step by steps for disabling ideaboard from the beta tab.



  • Avatar
    Brightidea Support

    Hi Jaideep*,*

    The option for this is actually under the "Ideas" tab in WebStorm setup. It's called "Enable Idea Boards", first option in the list. 

    Thank you,

    Brightidea Support

  • Avatar
    Bhattacharya, Jaideep


    When i used to select the "Ideas" tab, the list of ideas would be listed.

    However, per the attached, the ideas list is not seen ( I believe I mistakenly removed the default Idea list widget ?)

    I have tried reviewing the widget list to add it back in but i am not able to find the widget that lists all the ideas posted - the best i can see is a mini idea list widget but it doesnt look like the same as the default ideas list widget

    Could you tell me how the bring back the ideas list (default view - have attached screenshot 2 where the ideas list view i would see earlier)


  • Avatar
    Michael Knight

    Is there a way to apply a filter to fields other than:

    ◦Idea Category
    ◦Idea Status
    ◦Idea Tags

    from the Idea board?

  • Avatar
    Brightidea Support

    Hi Micheal,

    At this time, those are the only filters available on this page. Unfortunately, it's not possible to apply any type of other filter.

    Thank you,
    Brightidea Support