Everything You Need to Know About 'Linking Submissions'!

Everything You Need to Know about 'Linking Submissions'!

Within Pipeline Management and View Idea 2.0 page, the administrator is able to link submissions.  This allows the administrator to create distinct relationships between the submissions that are coming in - as well as create shortcuts to ideas that are similar.  Let's see the information below! 


Linking Submissions Via Pipeline

  • In Pipeline, submissions can be linked from both Step View and List View

Step View

  • To Link Submissions from the Step View, the administrator can select two or more submissions and either click the "Actions" button or right click and then select "Link Submissions"
    • Note: Within the steps view, the submissions must be selected at the same time (with shift key) to link them:


    • Once "Link Submissions" is selected the administrator will see a pop up box to confirm linking the submissions
    • To confirm click "Link Submissions" 


    • After "Link Submissions" is submitted the user will see a pop up to confirm that the ideas have been linked

List View

  • To Link Submissions from List View the administrator can highlight the submissions by selecting the checkbox in the left column and then click the "Actions" button or right click and then select "Link Submissions"


    • The administrator can also directly link submissions by clicking on the "Link Submissions" icon 
    • Once either option is selected the administrator will receive the same pop up and confirmation message from Step View:


    • Within List View the administrator has the ability to view linked submissions within that Pipeline.
    • To view submissions that are linked make sure that "Linked Submissions" is an enabled column in the List View by selecting "Link Submissions" from the gear icon:

    • The administrator will now be able to see which submissions are linked in List View


Linking Ideas Via "Submissions Details" Widget

  • On the View Submissions page Users can view linked submissions with the "Submission Details" widget:

    • The administrator can also link submissions together within this widget and unlink them as well
    • To link submissions with the "Submission Details" widget hover over the "Linked Submission" section of the widget and click the pencil icon:

    • Within this view the administrator can link additional submissions:


    • Within this view the administrator can also unlink submissions by hovering over any of the linked submissions and clicking on the red "X" icon.
      • When finished linking/unlinking ideas click "Save Changes":


Important Things to Note:

  • The submissions will be noted to be linked for both administrators and end users.
  • NEW - You can now link any Submission to one another across all Initiatives! If there is a Submission that provides great value to another Submission, but they are both in separate Initiatives, you can now link them to each other!
  • Comments on linked submissions are not shared, they are respective to the submission they were made on.
  • Linking submissions do not change any points or change idea ownership
  • The system will trigger the "Link Idea Notification" email template to all respective idea submitters - when ideas are linked
  • There is no limit to how many submissions you can link in Pipeline or View Idea 2.0 page.
  • There is no current API for linked submissions.  
  • Linking submissions have no affect on action item scores and/or the evaluation process - It is just a reference to submissions for better decision making.
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