Everything You Need to Know about 'Deleting Submissions'!

Everything You Need to Know about 'Deleting Submissions'!

  • Within Pipeline Management, the administrator(s) have the option to remove any submission(s) completely from their Challenges/WebStorm(s).
    • This is specially helpful for test submissions or submissions that do not need to be in the Brightidea system anymore.
    • Note: Once the idea is deleted, there is no method to recover it, it is permanently deleted from Brightidea.

To Delete Submissions(s) from Pipeline:

  • From Pipeline the administrator can delete submissions from Step view and List view.
    • To delete submission(s) from the Step view the administrator can select the desired submission(s) and either select the "Actions" button or right click directly and select "Delete Ideas":

  • Once selected, the administrator will see a pop-up confirmation:

  • To delete submissions from List view highlight the submission(s) by selecting the checkbox in the left column and then click the "Actions" button or right click and select "Delete Ideas"

  • Once selected the admin will receive a pop up confirmation.  

Important Notes: 

  • Once an idea is deleted by administrator, all points, comments, all respective submission information is removed from our database and can't be recovered.
  • As of right now, we don't have an email notice we can provide in regards to notifying users of deleted submissions
  • The submission code will be reused only if the next posted submission is sequential.  Therefore, if you post a submission that is D100, and then you delete it.  If you post a submission right after that, it will inherit that D100.
    • However, if new submissions are posted between when a submission is deleted and when you post the new submission, the submission code will inherit the next submission code in line. 
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