Pipeline List View

The Pipeline List View (Grid) section in Platform allows the Pipeline Manager to fully manage all ideas in their Pipeline!



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Getting Started

    • Within your Dynamic Navigation, you should see an option for 'List' that is available.

Sort / Filter Pipeline List View

    • Within the list view, the Pipeline Manager can sort and filter all ideas based on specific criteria.
    • Any list of sorted and filtered ideas has a distinct URL and can be bookmarked.

      • Sort Ascending / Descending: Select any column header to sort ascending or descending:

      • Add / Remove Columns: Columns in the grid can be removed or added by selecting the ellipsis icon in the list header:


      • The Pipeline Manager also has the option to add a column to show the Average Score for each step within the Pipeline
        • Select the extra column option from the dropdown list to display the extra columns:

      • Reorder Columns: Columns in the grid can be reordered by dragging and dropping the fields in the dropdown under the ellipsis icon.
        • The order of the columns in the grid matches the order of the dropdown.

      • Filter Column - Select the filter icon next to the column name and enter the desired filter by text.
        • After hitting "Apply", the filter will apply to the grid view.

      • Search Bar - The search bar allows administrators to quickly search for ideas in the Pipeline.
        • Results are displayed in real time.

Managing Ideas

    • From the List View, the Pipeline Manager will see all ideas the selected Pipeline.


      • The list view allows the Manager to perform the following actions (via the action menu) or right clicking on any idea:
        • Change Visibility: Select whether the idea is visible for end users.
        • Change Category: Allows the manager to change idea category for any selected idea(s).
        • Change Status: Allows the manager to change idea status for any selected idea(s).
        • Change Step: Allows the manager to change idea step for any selected idea(s).
        • Copy Ideas: Copy ideas to other Pipelines (Sites) in the Brightidea system.
        • Link Ideas: Link ideas to create a linked connection between two or more ideas.
        • Change Pipeline: Allows the manager to move an ideas to another Pipeline (Site).
        • Add Tag: Add additional tags for the selected ideas.
        • Add Admin Tag: Add additional admin tags for the selected ideas, these are only visible to Site & System administrators.
        • Delete Ideas: Delete selected ideas. Note: Once deleted, it's not possible to recover the ideas.

Import / Export Ideas

Import Ideas

    • Ideas can now be imported directly from the list view in the Brightidea Platform.
      • This option will allow the manager to submit the name of an idea directly to that Pipeline without having to go to the submission form page
      • This option will redirect the manager to the idea submission form page to submit a new idea.
      • To  Quick Add an Idea, select the " + " icon above the grid.
      • To Submit Idea, select the down arrow next to to " + " icon
      • To Import ideas, select the down arrow next to the " + " icon to open the import idea dialog:


      • Within the import dialog, the Pipeline Manager will need to download the Excel (.XLS) import template which will be used to import ideas.
      • Once the template is filled in, upload the template and select "Import Ideas" to complete this process.


      • Once the upload complete, the Pipeline Manager will receive an email with the confirmation.

Export Ideas

      • To Export Ideas, select the green Excel icon in the idea list view:


      • The export will be downloaded in .CSV format which can be opened in Excel.


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    Marti Andrews

    Hi - under List View / Managing Ideas / Change Pipeline, what permissions does a user have to have (or which user role) can perform this action? thanks!

  • Avatar

    Hi Marti,

    The user must be either an Enterprise or Pipeline administrator to use this functionality. This is true for all functionality in the list view.

    Brightidea Support