Ripple Effects of Specific Actions Taken


Ripple Effects of Specific Actions Taken in Pipeline


Question 1: 

When a Manager moves idea(s) from Step A into Step B after action items were triggered from Step A, what happens to the action items that were originally assigned?


The action item(s) triggered from Step A will still exist, as well as action items for Step B, even if it is for the same idea(s). 

Question 2: 

What if a Manager moves ideas from step A to step B, then moves ideas back to step A, does it trigger the same action item again to the same people? 


Nothing will be duplicated, the system will recognize that action item has already been triggered and nothing more will occur. 

Question 3:

What if a Manager sets up a step with evaluators, move ideas into step and then change evaluators after assignment - What happens to the action items assigned to the original evaluators?


The step will cancel and remove the previous evaluator(s) and trigger new action items to the new evaluator(s). 

Question 4:

What if a Manager changes the Pipeline for the idea, what happens to the action items that were originally triggered from the first pipeline?


The step will cancel any action items associated with any ideas moved to another Pipeline. 

Question 5:

What if the Manager configures a Scorecard template & evaluators, drag ideas in, triggers action items, but then Pipeline Manager changes the template?What if one or more users complete their AI with that template, And then manager changes the template?


If the evaluator has not filled out the evaluation, the newly updated template will be used in their triggered action item.

If the evaluator HAS filled out the evaluation, prior to the template change, those action items completion data is removed and the newly chosen template will trigger new action items to all evaluators with the new templates. 

Question 6:

What if a Manager has steps: A, B, & C, in that order. The Manager then advances ideas from Step A to Step B.  The Manager then moves Step C after Step A - now the order is A, C, & B.  Does the system move the ideas that were advanced to Step B to Step C? Or do they stay in Step A?


All ideas will stay in their designated steps.  The system does not read the steps linear the entire time - therefore if the above situation happened, all ideas would stay in their respective steps. 

Question 7:

If a Manager deletes an idea, do all action items triggered from those idea(s) get canceled?


Yes, all data gets removed and can't be reversed!

Question 8:

If a Manager deletes a Pipeline, do all action items triggered from that Pipeline get canceled?


Yes, all ideas and action items are deleted and cannot be recovered. 

Question 9:

Do In-Product notifications get cleared out when action items are canceled?


Yes, after cancelling action items, the notifications will clear out after refresh. 

Question 10:

For team-submitted ideas, do all team members get respective notifications, emails, and action items?


All email notifications and notifications will be sent to the main submitter and not the supplementary team members.  Please review all details on how Team Submission is designed.  

Question 11:

How do anonymously submitted ideas get handled with the New Brightidea?


As long as the third option is checked for Anonymous Submission, all ideas will protect anonymity.  

Otherwise, all user names will be visible to administrators & Challenge Managers in Pipelines.


Brightidea Support will continue to confirm any ripple effects as these use cases come up.  Happy Innovating!

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