What is the Review tool for?

  • The Review step is intended to ensure newly submitted ideas meet the qualification criteria for your challenge.
  • The Review step allows Pipeline Managers or administrators to trigger action items to idea evaluators or subject matter experts to fully review ideas assigned to them.  
  • When a Review action item is triggered, the assignee can perform any of the following:
    • Further review the submitted idea content
    • Change Idea Status and/or Category
    • Toggle Visibility
    • Add Comments and Tags
    • Fill in Additional Info fields


Configure the Review Tool:

  • Navigate to Step Ellipsis Menu > Configure Review
  • In the configuration section, the Pipeline Manager / Administrator will need to set the following parameters:


  • Basic Settings:
    • Evaluators: Select the user(s) who will review the ideas.
      • Individual Assignment: Any user configured as an Evaluator will automatically be assigned an action item per each note submission.
        • Note: There can be a maximum of 180 evaluators per step
      • Category Assignment: Action items for by category will be triggered when an note is submitted with the same category the user is assigned to.
        • Note: There is a limit of 30 evaluators per category with 180 total for the step
    • Due Date: The Manager / Administrator can set the due date dynamically from date assigned or manually select a date if needed.
    • Auto Graduation: An idea will advance to the next step in the pipeline once the first Review action item for the idea is complete.
      • As of the Spring 2021 release, you can now disable the in-app notification to the submitter when their submission passes the Review Step and is auto-graduated to the next Step in the Pipeline. When disabled, submitters will not receive any notification.
    • Action Items: Cancel open action items when submission moves out of Step.
    • Email Alert: Allows the assigner to enable or disable the email alert on assignment.
  • The user has to option to configure more parameters in Advanced Settings:


  • Advanced Settings:
    • Evaluators Per Idea (Load Balance): When there are many ideas in a step, this setting allows the assigner to control the number of evaluators per idea. E.g. Not every evaluator will evaluate each idea, they are balanced between the entire evaluation team.
    • Email Alerts: When checked emails will be sent to evaluators when a new action item is assigned
    • Send Alerts: 
      • Immediately: An email alert will be sent Immediately to each Assignee when a new Action Item is assigned.
      • Daily: An email alert will be sent to each Assignee when the first Action Item is assigned. Subsequent email alerts will be sent Daily.
        • Daily emails will include any Action Items assigned from the previous day
        • Daily, Assignees will receive a single email alert for new Action Items for that step at 9:00 a.m. (this will respect system time zone settings)


    • Email Subject and Body:  The assigner has the option to enter in any desired email subject and body text - which will be sent to the selected evaluators.
    • Dynamic Fields:  Allows the assigner to include dynamic fields in an Email


    • Recurring Reminders: Send email reminders to assignees after X days of inactivity.
    • Action Item Escalation: Notify certain recipients when an action item hasn’t been completed in X days.
  • Select Activate to complete the configuration of this step.

Assignee's experience:

  • After the action item is triggered in Brightidea, the assignee will receive an email / notification notifying them of their open 'Review' action item to complete.
  • Once the assignee / evaluator completes their 'Review' action item, he / she then selects "Complete Review" on each assigned idea.


  • After the assignee / evaluator completes their 'Review' action item, he / she can return to their idea(s) to make any further changes necessary, even after it has been marked 'Completed'

Important Things to Note:

  • Review step evaluator(s) will only get emails for 1st idea in step, but not for ideas 2-10. The next email will only be triggered for idea 11 and not for 12-20.

    • However, the evaluator will still get a Brightidea notification (within Global Navigation menu) and the action item will be in their action item list.

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