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What is the Development tool for?

  • The Development tool provides the Pipeline Managers / Administrators with ability to gather and build out ideas that are chosen to move forward.
    • Development question are only visible on the back-end action items view, not on View Idea page or elsewhere in the front-end of the Challenge/WebStorm.
    • The manager can then create custom Development questions to further gather information for each idea.
    • Once questions and fields are set, he/she can then assign a 'Development' action item to the idea's submitter.
    • Note: Development question/answers can only be seen by other action item assignees, administrators and moderators. Regular end users can't see development questions/answers.

Configure the 'Development' Tool: 

  • To get started with the Development tool, navigate to Step Ellipsis Menu --> Configure Development:


  • In the Configure Development configuration section, the Pipeline Manager will need to set the following parameters:
    • Idea Submitter: This will assign the Development Lead to the submitter of the idea
    • Me: This will assign the Development Lead to the admin who configured the Step
    • Other User: This will allow the admin to select any user to be the Development Lead
    • Development Lead: When configuring Development Steps, managers select a specific user to assign as Development Lead:
    • Development Team (optional): The user has the option to add individual members on the Development Team
    • Due Date: The manager can set the due date dynamically from date assigned or manually select a date if needed.
    • Development Fields: Questions that the Development evaluators will answer 
Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 5.43.35 PM.png


  • Scroll down to select Development Fields to configure the question fields for this development step.


  • The Pipeline Manager / Administrator has the following options for each development field:
    • Include: Select whether to include this field in the development step
    • Required: Option to make the field required during the development step process
  • To edit the Development Fields, select the Edit Fields link in this window
    • The Pipeline Manager / Administrator will be redirected to the edit submission form page in WebStorm Setup where they can configure the development fields as needed: 
  • To set a submission form field for the development step, select the Development Field and save changes.
    • The configured fields will appear on the Development step configuration mentioned above.
  • Note: The Instruction Text field can be used to provide additional instructions (text or image).


  • Idea Editing: Assignees who are not already administrators will be able to edit some idea attributes such as idea title, description and category.
  • Action Items: Cancel open action items when submission moves out of Step.
  • Send Alerts: 
    • Daily emails will include any Action Items assigned from the previous day
    • Daily, Assignees will receive a single email alert for new Action Items for that step at 9:00 a.m. (this will respect system time zone settings)
    • Immediately: An email alert will be sent Immediately to each Assignee when a new Action Item is assigned.
    • Daily: An email alert will be sent to each Assignee when the first Action Item is assigned. Subsequent email alerts will be sent Daily.
  • Email Subject and Body:  The assigner has the option to enter in any desired email subject and body text - which will be sent to the selected evaluators.
  • Dynamic Fields:  Allows the assigner to include dynamic fields in an Email


  • Recurring Reminders: Send email reminders to assignees after X days of inactivity.
  • Action Item Escalation: Notify certain recipients when an action item hasn’t been completed in X days.


Assignee's experience:

  • The assignee / evaluator will receive a new Development action item to complete upon successful configuration and assignment.
  • The assignee / evaluator can complete the Development action item by filling in all required questions and selecting Mark Complete or Save to finish later.


Revision History:

  • Each time a user clicks the "Save", "Mark Done", or "Mark as Complete" on the Action Item page for Development questions a version of their answers is saved in the history.
    • Previous versions can be accessed in the far-right panel called "Revision History":


  • The following information is stored with each version:
    • The answers to all development questions.
    • The user who saved the development form.
    • Date and time the development form was saved.


  • This development action item view displays the most recent version by default.
    • Answers to previous versions cannot be edited in this view
  • On the the top right the dropdown menu "Revision History" displays all previous versions:


  • The "Restore Revision" button allows the user to restore a previous saved version of the development answers:



  • When clicked the user is redirected back to the edit view of the form with the selected version's answers pre-populated in the form:



  • Note: The user cannot edit a previous version. If the user hits "Update" after loading a previous version's answers, a new version will be created. 


  • Please Note: Previous versions of development questions will only be available for development versions saved after 6/29/16.
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  • Avatar

    Can the development lead, when knowing more about the idea, add their own development team members or is this the privilege of only the Pipeline Manager?

  • Avatar

    Hi Damian,

    Only the Pipeline Manager is able to change the configuration and add/remove team members from the development step.

    Brightidea Support

  • Avatar
    Simplez Admin

    After the development lead mark complete who/where can other see the fields he filled up? In our tests those fields cannot be seen on the original idea view, not either for evaluators of furthers steps.

  • Avatar

    @Simplez Administrador

    you can only see them in further steps if you have further steps after development i.e. a scorecard or review in list view, or in the manage step option (by selecting the gear icon)

    we've got a request in on ideas.brightidea around having a turn on / off feature in the platform that allows you to have them show up on the front end if you want (proposal would be to have check box next to development step when selecting it as development step)

  • Avatar
  • Avatar
    Simplez Admin

    Thanks Damian, very helpful. Already voted for your idea at ideaspace.

  • Avatar
    Laura Frisby

    When there are multiple people completing the Development action, are each person's form saved?

  • Avatar
    Stephanie Hegarty

    Are the development questions able to be seen outside of the development tool step? I seem to remember them being visible in the submission form once complete, am I remembering that incorrectly?

  • Avatar

    Hi Stephanie,

    Development question can only be seen on the back-end, it's currently not possible to have developments questions/answers also show on the end user idea view in WebStorm.

    Thank you,
    Brightidea Support

  • Avatar
    Stephanie Hegarty

    Hi Ron,

    So to be clear, it's only visible in that specific tool step in the manage development tool option?


  • Avatar

    Hi Stephanie,

    Yes, and also in the action item view of action item assignees.

    E.g. if you pass the idea to another step, e.g. scorecard, the user evaluating the scorecard can see the development answers on the action item view.


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