Stack Rank

What is the Stack Rank tool for?

    • The Stack Rank step in the Brightidea's New Platform provides the Pipeline Managers / Administrators with the ability to quickly find the best ideas using an order based system.
      • Determine order of ideas best to worst
      • Send Stack Rank action items to list of people who put ideas in a stack rank.
    • When a Stack Rank action item is triggered, the evaluator / screener will be able to place the assigned ideas in their desired order from best to worst.



Configure the Stack Rank Tool:

    • To get started with Stack Rank, navigate to Step Ellipsis Menu --> Configure Stack Rank:


      • In the Stack Rank configuration section, the Pipeline Manager will need to set the following parameters:
        • Evaluators: Select the users who will review / stack the ideas.
        • Due Date:The manager can set the due date dynamically from date assigned or manually select a date if needed.
        • Idea Editing: Assignees who are not already administrators will be able to edit some idea attributes such as idea title, description and category.
        • Action Items: Cancel open action items when submission moves out of Step.
        • Send Email Alert: Allows the manager to enable or disable the email alert on assignment.


        • Recurring Reminders: Send email reminders to assignees after X days of inactivity.
        • Action Item Escalation: Notify certain recipients when an action item hasn’t been completed in X days.
    • Select Activate to complete the configuration.

Assignee's experience:

    • After the action item is triggered in Brightidea, the assignee will receive an email / notification notifying them of their open Stack Rank action item to complete.
    • The selected evaluators will complete their Stack Rank action items by placing ideas in the desired order (by dragging and dropping) and selecting Complete



Important things to note:

  • When viewing an Export Report Overall Stack Rank is calculated by:
    • For each idea, averages the ranks given across all evaluators.
    • Orders the ideas by average value and determines the overall rank value.
  • Stack Rank is not recommended for continuous Initiatives. Instead this tool should only be used for time-boxed Initiatives.


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  • Avatar
    Stephanie Hegarty

    will the overall rank score not be calculated if there are open action items tied to the step?

  • Avatar
    Stephanie Hegarty

    Update - it looks like the overall rank score does not show up in the steps view (currently in step), but it does show in the list view. Having open action items do not impact the score.