Managing Steps in Pipeline

Managing Pipelines is made easy by our new generation architecture. For Admins, navigating to the Pipeline Steps View provides a clean interface to fully control the innovation process from start to finish to make sure all ideas are properly evaluated.


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Getting Started

Pipelines are built from Stages and Steps. Each Step can be figured to a specific Tool Type and will organize Submissions as they are entered and move through the innovation process.

Admins can also add descriptions for Steps to inform other Admins on the workflow. This description is visible to other Pipeline Admins and Moderators, to explain the purpose of the Step. The Step description appears in a standard tooltip, visible when hovering over the info icon in the Step title.

Each Step in Platform has a 'Manage' section which allows the Platform Manager to see statistics about open/completed action items and perform certain actions. To access the 'Manage Section' navigate to Step Gear Menu > Manage (Tool Name):


Action Items Progress Tab

When ideas move into each step, Action Items are triggered and will need to be completed by Evaluators. While this evaluation process is occurring, the Pipeline Admin needs to be aware of everything that is happening. When the Manager selects 'Manage Step' in the gear menu of the Step, they will be brought to a high level overview page to review all progress of the step.

For each Step, and each Tool Type, the Manager can review data points regarding Action Items assigned for that specific step such as:

  • # of Completed vs. Open Action items (associated with that Step)
  • Names of evaluators - and their total completed percentage of their action items
  • Avg. # of days Action Items are open (or take to be completed)

The Pipeline Manager can conduct any of the following within 'Manage Step':

  • Configure: Allows the manager to re-configure the step action item assignments.
  • Edit Due Date: Change the due date for this steps' action items.
  • Remind All: Triggers an email to all evaluators who have outstanding action item
  • Remind Individual Users: Trigger a reminder email to an individual user reminding them of their open action item to complete.
  • Re-assign: Allows the manager to re-assign a user's action item to another user for any action items that are individually assigned.
    • Action Items cannot be reassigned if the Step is of a specific Tool Type or is configured to assign based on category. 
  • Remove: Removes the User from the Step so that they no longer receive any new Action Items. When removed, the Step will cancel any Open Action Items automatically and all Completed Action Items will preserve their evaluation data in the Step. 
    • Re-adding a removed Evaluator will not re-assign any previously assigned Action Items.

Select the green Excel export icon to generate a report of the action items in the selected step. The export will contain the results about each assigned evaluator from the tool type including:

  • Percent Complete
  • Assigned
  • Remaining
  • Last Login Date

Currently in Step Tab

The "Currently in Step" tab allows the Pipeline Manager to view scores collected in the selected Step/Tool Type. The goal here is to quickly see how idea screeners are evaluating ideas in this specific Step. As a result, Admins can decide which ideas to move forward or which to stop from progressing forward. 


Within this tab, a few Tool Types will allow Admins the ability to Stop or Advance ideas to the next step using the buttons on the right side:


If the Manager chooses to take an idea out of the running, they will select "Stop". This action will change the idea system status to the one which is mapped to "Stopped".  

If the Manager chooses to move ideas forward, they will select "Advance to Next Step". This action will only move the selected idea(s) to the next Step configured in the Pipeline work-flow. The Step name will be listed in the confirmation box below.  

Here, the Manager has the following options:

  • Alert the Idea Submitter of this advancement via email and/or in-product notification. 
  • Change the idea Status.

Within the "Currently in Step" tab, the Pipeline Manager also has the ability to change selected Idea Status or Idea Step using the 'Action Menu' drop-down:


Step History Tab

From the 'Step History' tab, the Pipeline Manager can review what ideas were selected to move forward or to be stopped within the Decision column. 

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  • Avatar
    John Berg


    I'm curious about what happens to the information associated with the various action items after an idea moves from one step to another. Is that information retained, and is it accessible anywhere?



  • Avatar

    Hi John,

    That information would be available in each individual step manage section. Please see this under the gear icon menu in the step view.

    Thank you,
    Brightidea Support

  • Avatar
    John Berg

    Hi Ron,

    Thanks for the quick reply. One piece of information that I wasn't able to find in the individual step management section is project information for ideas that have passed through the given step. For example:

    Let's say I have a pipeline that utilizes a Project step. After ideas complete the project step they move on into an additional step that represents them being completed, that doesn't have a tool type associated with it.

    When ideas move into this final completion step, there doesn't seem to be any way to access any of the project information associated with the idea previously.

    Any suggestions? Maybe I'm missing something.


    Jack Berg

  • Avatar
    Joseph Hines

    Hi Jack,

    The Project information for that idea can be viewed in the old Pipeline under the "My Projects" tab. That information will be retained in that tab even after the idea moves to the next step. You will be unable to view information about ideas in the new Pipeline in the manage section for that step unless the step has been configured to a tool type.

    Thank you,
    Brightidea Support

  • Avatar
    John Berg

    I can't seem to find the "My Projects" tab you referenced. Can you elaborate?


    Jack Berg

  • Avatar
    Rob Poole
    Is there a way to take the status of an idea and have it tied to a step on the back end? Also possibly have it color coded? I don't want to assign responsibility to a step as you need to do in single scale as our use would be specifically to have this as a visual tool.
  • Avatar

    Hi Rob,

    There is no specific functionality that ties a step to a status. You can of course place ideas of a certain status into a particular step.

    The step itself can't be color coded to match any status however the ideas in that step, will have a colored border around them based on the status color configured.

    Let me know if that answers your questions here.


    Brightidea Support