Brightidea Product Release Notes - December 2, 2015

These changes took effect on Wednesday, December 2, 2015, 5:00 PM PST.  If you have received these release notes via email, this post may be truncated. To read complete documentation, please visit the Product Release Notes forum in the Brightidea Support Portal.

Brightidea's Pipeline management functionality incorporates a next generation architecture with significant new capabilities, providing the foundation for future new capabilities. For more information on Pipeline management and the next generation architecture, please visit the Pipeline management overview, or the detailed Knowledge Base articles.

For those customers using this new functionality, below are the updates and improvements in the latest release:

  • Pipeline Admins now have permission to advance ideas to the next Step from the Step Manage > Ideas in Step screen
  • Attachment-type fields are now only available for Development Fields in the Idea Submission Form
  • Fixed an issue for Development Steps configured to assign to Other User, in which Admins could not edit the Development Lead after being assigned
  • Fixed an issue in which making edits to an Idea would clear data from Development Action Items for that Idea
  • Fixed an issue in which adding columns to the Pipeline List view for Idea Submission Form fields using rich-text editing would display HTML formatting, and prevent proper exporting
  • Fixed issues in which Engagement dashboards would not load if Challenges were deleted or if Users had not completed the "Department" field of their Profile
  • Fixed an issue in which Action Items could not be deleted from the Step Manage > Manage Action Items screen
  • Fixed an issue with the Pipeline List View, in which column filtering would not work for values containing special characters
  • Fixed an issue with the Pipeline List View in which, after adding Admin Tags, any column filters applied to the list would be cleared
  • Fixed an issue in which, when posting an Idea in a WebStorm while also viewing the Idea List of another WebStorm, the posted Idea would temporarily appear in the wrong WebStorm's Idea List
  • Fixed an intermittent live update issue, in which Pipeline Admins could temporarily see and update Ideas from Pipelines they did not have access to when viewing the WebStorm Idea List
  • Fixed an intermittent issue in which Open, incomplete Action Items would appear with Completed Action Items data populating the fields
  • Fixed an issue in which edits to an already completed Scorecard would not be saved correctly


We have also made the following updates to Previous Architecture:


  • User Exports now include the External ID profile field
  • Fixed an issue in which a WebStorm that is part of multiple Communities would appear multiple times in the Visual Challenge List


  • A new filter has been added to the WebStorm Idea List: New To Me
    • When selected, this filter will display Ideas that the user has not yet viewed
  • System Administrators may no longer be configured in WebStorm Setup
  • Fixed an issue in which email notifications for adding tags would not be sent from the Contact Email
  • Fixed an issue with Post Idea 2.0 in which answers containing colons (:) would not be saved correctly
  • Fixed an issue in which dropdown questions in the Idea Submission Form fields would be cut off in the Post Idea page
  • Fixed an issue in which Projections without an entry to the Cost field would not be saved correctly; Costs must be entered in order for Projections to be saved
  • Fixed an issue with View Idea 1.0, in which comments would display the Attachments section, even though attachments were not added to the comment
  • Fixed an issue in which, when moving Ideas to a WebStorm with different Idea Submission Form Fields, the Idea Description would not be saved properly

Please also note: We are planning on making an update to allow Idea Submitters to view their Ideas when set to Hidden.

If you have any questions about these updates, please let us know.  And stay tuned for more – our next release is scheduled for December 9, 2015. Happy Innovating!

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