Product Release Notes - October 24, 2023

This week's Brightidea updates! 

We're thrilled to share that we've made some great progress in improving our product and fixing pesky bugs. We're always striving to make your user experience the best it can be! Please refer to the Product Release Notes on the Support Portal to access the complete documentation. And check out the list below for all the bug fixes we've addressed:

Bug fixes:

  • We fixed a bug where attachments uploaded in bulk to View Idea 3 would appear as the first attachment.
  • We fixed an error on View Idea 3 page where detailed vote information was not showing.
  • We fixed a bug in Project Room where users could not click from a Memo document to the master updates page.
  • We fixed a bug in Project Room where adding a cost in Business Impact caused row formatting issues. The new fix ensures that the row is added automatically below the previous row instead of beside it.
  • We fixed an issue in Memo's Team Site highlights page where the activity feed displayed global updates. 
  • We fixed an issue with text wrapping in private messaging. Long subject lines and lengthy text in the body will now wrap properly.
  • We fixed a bug where when somebody would send a private message from the Evaluations tab, the link pointed to a "404 - Bad Link" error page.
  • We fixed an issue where toolbar buttons were not visible and HTML edits could not be saved for Rich Text and HTML 1.0 widgets added to View Idea 2.
  • We fixed a bug that caused inaccurate step listings for completed action items within an idea.
  • We fixed a bug that prevented users from exiting or editing the modal when viewing completed action items in an idea.
  • We fixed a bug in the submission form builder where instructional text appeared incorrectly after editing and saving a submission form.
  • We fixed a bug where long text in submission fields would not wrap in the View Idea page.
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