Things You Should Know Before Making Changes to Your SSO Configuration

Brightidea offers a Self-Service SSO guide for you Brightidea site's Single Sign On configuration; however there are a few things you should know before getting started configuring SSO. 


Enable Brightidea Login

  • Using SSO allows users to not have to set up a Brightidea username and password as a separate login
  • When implementing or making changes to your SSO it is important that you temporarily enable Brightidea login under Enterprise/Site Setup > Authentication >Auth Section
    • This is a very important step so you don't lock out yourself and other users of your site in case SSO does not work when configuring or making any changes!
  • In the event that you are locked out of your system because SSO breaks you will be able to login through the Brightidea login that you previously enabled:


  • If you are locked out you will be redirected to the Brightidea login screen.
    • You will then need to do a password reset with the same email address that you are using for your SSO 
    • Once you select "Forgot Password" you will receive an email with directions and a link for the reset:


  • After your password is reset you can then log back into your Brightidea system and make the appropriate changes to your SSO configuration.
    • Once you are done and have tested that you can login via SSO successfully you can then disable Brightidea login in the setup area as noted above.


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